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Generic Requirements for Telecommunications Huts

Document Number GR-43
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Jan 2013
Replaces TA-NWT-000043 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: This document outlines the proposed generic requirements for telecommunications huts, also known as Above Ground/Electronic Equipment Enclosures (AG/EEEs). The stated generic requirements are intended to provide a suitable environment for telecommunications companies' electronic equipment that is housed in above-ground, prefabricated structures.

    Placement and operation of Remote Switching Units(RSUs), routers, and other environmentally sensitive equipment necessitates that the internal environment of these huts is maintained within Central Office (CO) type specifications, i.e., the equipment shall be GR-63, NEBS Requirements: Physical Protection, compliant or be able to operate reliably in a Class 1 environment, as per GR-3108, Generic Requirements for Network Equipment in the Outside Plant (OSP).

    Telecommunications huts provide the primary physical shell of protection for the equipment from the effects of weather and sunlight, as well as security to prevent unauthorized entry or access to the facility. The installation of the hut onto a solid foundation with a grounding system or ring creates an integrated facility that provides a safe and comfortable operating and working environment for equipment and personnel.

    What's New in Issue 2?

    • Added design considerations to help increase the energy efficiency of a hut's operation and decrease the solar heating of a hut's interior
    • Broadened and added detail on structural integrity requirements pertaining to applicable building codes, local applicable storm loadings, and hurricane risk areas
    • References to the modular design criteria to help facilitate hut expansions and additions
    • General updates and developments that have occurred since the document was last published in 1996.

    • This document replaces GR-43, Issue 1 and TA-NWT-000043.

      When using GR-43, you may need to refer to TR-NWT-001011, GR-1089, GR-1424, the NEC, and certain ASHRAE, ASTM and UL documents. You may also want to refer to GR-26, GR-57, GR-63, GR-295, GR-487, GR-2832, and GR-3108.

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