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Digital Interface between the SLC(R)-96 Digital Loop Carrier System and a Local Digital Switch

Document Number GR-8
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Oct 2001
Replaces TR-TSY-000008 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: Issue 1 of GR-8, Digital Interface between the SLC-96 Digital Loop Carrier System and a Local Digital Switch, replaces TR-TSY-000008, Issue 2; Issue 2, Revision 1; and Issue 2, Bulletin 1.

    The SLC-96 system is a Digital Loop Carrier system that was manufactured by AT&T, and that provides service on up to 96 subscriber access lines over three to five T1 lines running from a Remote Terminal (RT) to a Local Digital Switch (LDS).

    The SLC-96 system (which is now a registered trademark of Alcatel- Lucent Technologies, Inc.) can be used to provide single party, multiparty, coin telephone, and special service circuits. This GR describes the requirements necessary for an LDS to connect to a SLC-96 RT across a digital interface at the T1 rate of 1.5 Mb/s. It also describes the interface requirements necessary for an RT to mimic the SLC-96 digital interface in order to interface with an LDS that meets the SLC-96 digital interface requirements.

    There are no substantive technical changes in this issue. Since the last revision of TR-TSY-000008, the manufacturer has discontinued the production of the SLC-96 system. However, there remain a large number of deployed SLC-96 systems and many other LDS and RDT manufacturers have implemented and deployed emulated SLC-96 interfaces in their respective carrier systems (commonly referred to as "TR-08" interfaces). In addition many traditional T1 powered lines have been replaced by fiber optic transmission systems. This version changes the format from the Technical Reference (TR) naming format to the Generic Requirement (GR) convention and incorporates the above mentioned changes into the text. Also, there are a small number of clarifying text additions throughout the document.

    When using GR-8, you may want to refer to GR-57, TA-TSY-000077, GR-303, TR-TSY-000465, GR-478, GR-499, GR-672, GR-909, and/or MDP-326-140

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