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Generic Requirements for the Physical Design and Manufacture of Telecommunications Products and Equipment

Document Number GR-78
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Sep 2007
Replaces TR-NWT-000078 Issue03

    ABSTRACT: GR-78 contains the key industry requirements for how to design and build reliable electronics for telecom network use. It is unique in its focus on telecommunications applications and environments for electronic systems. The NEBS (Network Equipment-Building System) requirements contained in GR-78 apply to design, engineering, manufacturing, and workmanship.

    The value of GR-78 includes the following:

    • Industry-Accepted Requirements - Issue 2 has been updated with industry participation from service providers, manufacturers, and suppliers
    • RBOC Acceptance - The RBOCs often require that detail design selection and implementation take into account the various elements of GR-78
    • Good Engineering Practices - GR-78 covers many aspects of industry "good engineering practice," such as metal surface treatment and contact compatibility, flammability rating, component marking and traceability, electrical and mechanical integrity, and a variety of process manufacturing issues
    • NEBS Compliance - The requirements cover details of design implementation that need to be discussed, reviewed, and implemented, as appropriate, in equipment intended to be NEBS(TM) compliant.
    • Wide-Ranging Topics Covered in a Single Resource - Topics include, but are not limited to, materials and finishes; electrostatic discharge requirements; printed wiring boards and assemblies; connectors, wire, and cable; product marking and identification; and qualification test procedures.
    Issue 2 highlights include the following:
    • Clarifies the industry position on the use of Lead (Pb)-free solder
    • Allows for alternative finishes such as immersion silver, etc.
    • Reduces minimum board insulation and lamination thicknesses
    • Modifies minimum fiber bend radius, solder mask thickness, and connector lubrication requirements
    • Revises dimensional requirements; connector criteria to allow for lower cycle connectors for some applications; and dimensional and plating limits for plated-through holes.
    Issue 2 of GR-78, Generic Requirements for the Physical Design and Manufacture of Telecommunications Products and Equipment, replaces Issue 1.

    GR-78 replaces TR-NWT-000078, and PUB-56001.

    When using GR-78, you may need to refer to GR-63. You may also need to refer to GR-357, GR-492, TR-NWT-000930, GR-1217, GR-1421, GR-326, GR-110, GR-111, GR-115, GR-421, GR-126, GR-1069, GR-136 , GR-137, GR-139, GR-347, GR-20, GR-468, GR-499, GR-418, GR-284, GR-2759, TR-NWT-000870, GR-1089, GR-3108, GR-2914, GR-3160 as well as various standards documents.

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