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Generic Requirements for Network Equipment in the Outside Plant (OSP)

Document Number GR-3108
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Jul 2018


    GR-3108 defines environmental, mechanical and electrical testing criteria and provides design and performance requirements to help ensure that the electronic equipment located in Outside Plant (OSP) facilities will operate reliably over the equipment's expected lifetime.

    This document defines four classes of OSP operating environments and defines functional and design criteria for equipment placed in Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 environments.

    GR-3108 covers, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Active telecommunications equipment installed in the OSP, including switching, termination, connection, and controller equipment
    • Environmental criteria such as operating temperatures, humidity, particulate contamination, pollution exposure, and heat dissipation
    • Mechanical criteria such as structural requirements, packaging, and susceptibility to vibration, earthquake, and handling
    • Electrical protection and safety, including protection from threats of lightning surges, AC power induction and faults, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and DC power influences
    • Closure considerations for equipment placed in Class 4 environments.

    Issue 4 reflects the following changes:
    • Clarifies and corrects document text based on questions received from testing laboratories and other GR users
    • Changes indoor and outdoor Mixed Flow Gas (MFG) tests to conditional criteria
    • Considers the MFG and dust resistance criteria accomplished with design choices and installation practices for closures and filters, and partially through compliance with the heat/humidity cycling tests
    • Harmonizes GR-3108 with other industry standards, including ATIS and UL standards, and GR-63, GR-487, GR-1089, GR-3171, and GR-3178

    When using GR-3108, you may need to refer to GR-63, GR-1089, GR-487, GR-3171, and GR-3178, as well as various industry standards documentation.

    Issue 4 of GR-3108 replaces Issue 3, April 2013.

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