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Generic Requirements for Inter-City PIC Screened Cable (Filled, ASP Bonded, STALPETH, and Bonded PASP)

Document Number GR-115
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jul 1995
Replaces TR-TSY-000117 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: This document details the construction and generic requirements for low capacitance filled telecommunication cable intended for use with digital systems in direct burial applications in intercity and outstate trunks in rural and suburban areas. The conductors are 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge) solid copper, covered with a foam/skin plastic insulating compound. The insulated conductors are twisted into pairs. The normal pairs are assembled into 12-, 13-, and 25- pair units or into 50- or 75- pair multiunits. In addition, service pair units of 4 to 22 pairs are assembled for inclusion into the cable. The standard units plus a service pair unit and a metallic screen are assembled into a core. The screen separates the two halves of the core for two-way transmission of digital carrier signals.

    The core is either filled or unfilled and is covered with nonhygroscopic, dielectric core wrap and then completed with an ASP (Aluminum Steel Polyethylene), bonded STALPETH (steel Aluminum Polyethylene), or bonded PASP (Polyethylene Aluminum Steel Polyethylene) Sheath.

    GR-115 replaced TR-TSY-000115, TR-TSY-000116, and TR-TSY-000117.

    When using GR-115, you may need to refer to GR-421 and ASTM D 4566. You may also want to refer to GR-1252 and/or ISO 9000 and 9004 documents.

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