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Generic Requirements for Twisted-Pair Metallic Cable Products Used in Telecommunications Facilities

Document Number GR-137
Issue Number 02
Issue Date May 2013
Replaces TA-NWT-000137 Issue02

    GR-137, Issue 2, sets forth the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements for metallic wire products applicable for metallic twisted-pair wire products used inside telecommunications facilities for interconnection of service provider equipment such as transmission and switching devices. The generic requirements are necessary to meet the minimum operational compatibility or service consistency needs for users of these products.

    This GR covers mechanical and electrical generic requirements for insulated telecommunications cables and is organized into sections covering conductors, insulation, core assembly, optional foil screens, jackets and the electrical and mechanical performance requirements for the completed wire products.

    Issue 2 includes the following changes:

    • Revisions for the latest insulation, jacket, and cable core material technologies, and other design changes that have occurred since the document was last issued. These efforts were also made to broaden the allowed materials and wire designs through the use of functional performance tests to replace material-specific tests for cable components.
    • Harmonization and coordination with the new issue of GR-3164 and other relevant industry specifications (i.e., UL, ICEA, TL 9000, etc.).
    • Consolidation of requirements to cover twisted wire products used in a variety of building facilities (COs, Data centers, telecom rooms in commercial buildings) for network equipment applications.

    GR-137, Issue 2, aligns with GR-3164 and is intended to work in conjunction with GR-126, GR-136, and GR-3164 to form a family of GRs that cover all the twisted-pair wire and cable products used inside the buildings/facilities of communications utility service providers.

    GR-137, Issue 2, replaces GR-137, Issue 1; TA-TSY-000140; TA-TSY-000141; and TA-TSY-000142.

    When using GR-137, you may need to refer to GR-126, GR-136, GR-421, GR-3164, and several ASTM specifications. You may also want to refer to ISO 9000 and 9004 documents.

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