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NEBS Physical and Electrical Protection

Document Number FD-NEBS-01
Issue Number 05
Issue Date Jan 2018

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    FD-NEBS-01, NEBS Physical and Electrical Protection, includes:

    • GR-63, NEBS Requirements: Physical Protection
    • GR-1089, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electrical Safety - Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment
    • SR-3580, NEBS Criteria Levels
    FD-NEBS-01 includes the 2017 reissues of GR-63 and GR-1089, and the 2018 reissue of SR-3580.

    NEBS documents are the foundation of network safety and reliability in the telecommunications industry. Nearly every equipment manufacturer and carrier relies on NEBS criteria as a core component of their deployment strategy.

    Equipment suppliers know that compliance with NEBS criteria is the passkey for getting products into a Central Office and other network facilities. Compliance demonstrates the equipment has been thoroughly tested for safety and functional criteria for use in telecommunications networks.

    The rigorous NEBS requirements standards in GR-63 and GR-1089 have been the benchmarks of the telecommunications industry for more than two decades. SR-3580 groups the NEBS criteria of GR-63 and GR-1089 into three functional levels (I, II, or III). Grouping the criteria into levels helps clarify the impact of non-conformance and allows the broad range of NEBS requirements to be judiciously applied to equipment, based on the equipment's application and impact on the operation of the network.

    NEBS Compliance is the Universal Measure of Network Product Excellence

    Components of this product are:
    GR-1089"Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety - Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment"
    GR-63"NEBS Requirements: Physical Protection"
    SR-3580"NEBS(TM) Criteria Levels"


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