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Generic Requirements for Permanent AC & DC Backup Generators Including Fuel Cells for Remote Electronic Sites

Document Number GR-1293
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 2017
Replaces TR-NWT-001293 Issue01

    GR-1293-CORE contains requirements for standby engine-generator systems including fuel cells to be used in remote telecommunications sites. Such sites have the following characteristics:

    • They are small sites, both in terms of physical size and power requirements.
    • They contain telecommunications equipment in a location outside the traditional telephone Central Office (CO) (wireline or wireless).
    • Typically, they physically resemble existing applications in Electronic Equipment Enclosures (EEEs) and Controlled Environment Vaults (CEVs).

    On-site, permanently installed, i.e., dedicated, standby backup generator systems are one alternative to long battery reserve times. The scope of this document therefore includes generic requirements for small, dedicated backup generators equipped for automatic starting and load transfer. GR-1293 is not intended to cover all application considerations and generic requirements for the connection and use of portable engine-generators. End-point requirements for backup generator systems having direct current, as well as or in lieu of alternating current outputs, are included.

    When using GR-1293, you may want to refer to GR-513, GR-947, and GR-1089.

    GR-1293-CORE, Issue 1, completely updates, revises, re-organizes and replaces TR-NWT-001293, Issue 1, November 1993.

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