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588Generic Requirements

Generic Requirements

GR-1 Lightning, Radio Frequency, and 60-Hz Disturbances at the Regional Bell Operating Company Network InterfaceJun 2003
GR-1009 Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Clip-on Test SetsNov 1994
GR-1031 OTGR Section 15.6: Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Test Access Management (A Module Of OTGR, FR-439)Oct 1997
GR-1042 Generic Requirements for Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools - Information Model Overview: Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Transport Information ModelDec 1998
GR-1042-IMD Generic Requirements for Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools - Information Model Details: Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Transport Information ModelDec 1998
GR-1060 Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service (SMDS) Generic Requirements for Exchange Access And Intercompany Serving ArrangementsApr 1994
GR-1063 Generic Operations Criteria in Support of Intercarrier SMDSJul 1994
GR-1073 Generic Requirements for Single-Mode Fiber Optic SwitchesNov 2011
GR-1081 Generic Requirements for Field-Mountable Optical Fiber ConnectorsOct 2010
GR-1083 Generic Requirements for Exchange Access Automatic Message Accounting (AMA), FSD 20-25-0000Sep 2004
GR-1087 Generic Requirements for Common Channel Signaling (CCS) Network Usage Measurement FunctionalityDec 2000
GR-1089 Telcordia Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electrical Safety - Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications EquipmentJul 2022
GR-1093 Generic State Requirements for Network ElementsJul 2010
GR-1095 Generic Requirements for Multi-Fiber Splicing Systems for Single-Mode Optical FibersNov 1996
GR-110 Generic Requirements for Thermoplastic Insulated Steam Resistant CableAug 1994
GR-1100 Billing Automatic Message Accounting Format (BAF) Generic RequirementsDec 2012
GR-1102 OTGR Section 15.8: Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Access and Testing ManagementDec 1998
GR-111 Generic Requirements for Thermoplastic Insulated Riser CableJul 1995
GR-1110 Broadband Switching System (BSS) Generic RequirementsDec 2000
GR-1111 Broadband Access Signaling Generic RequirementsOct 1996
GR-1113 Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Adaptation Layer (AAL) ProtocolsJul 1994
GR-1114 Generic Operations Interface Requirements: ATM Information ModelJan 1999
GR-1115 BISDN Inter Carrier Interface (B-ICI) Generic RequirementsDec 1995
GR-1117 Generic Requirements for Exchange PVC CRS Customer Network Management ServiceJul 1994
GR-1129 AINGR: Switch - Intelligent Peripheral Interface (IPI)Nov 2003
GR-1143 OSSGR Sections 2-5: Overview of Network Plan, Features, and Call ProcessingMar 1998
GR-1144 OSSGR Section 6: SignalingAug 2001
GR-1147 OSSGR Section 8: AdministrationAug 2005
GR-1149 OSSGR Section 10: System InterfacesDec 2008
GR-115 Generic Requirements for Inter-City PIC Screened Cable (Filled, ASP Bonded, STALPETH, and Bonded PASP)Jul 1995
GR-1156 OSSGR Section 21: Operator SubsystemsJun 1997
GR-1157 OSSGR Sections 22.1 and 22.2: Internal DatabasesDec 1997
GR-1158 OSSGR Section 22.3: Line Information DatabaseApr 2009
GR-1162 OSSGR Sections 23 and 24: Announcement and Detection SubsystemsDec 2000
GR-1163 OSSGR Section 25: Report SubsystemDec 2001
GR-1173 OSSGR: Common Functions (FSD 65-01-0100)Aug 2005
GR-1174 OSSGR: Customer Access Features (FSD 70 Series)Dec 2000
GR-1175 OSSGR: Customer Listing Information (FSD 75 Series)Jun 1997
GR-1176 OSSGR: Custom Call-Handling Features (FSD 80 Series)Apr 1999
GR-1177 OSSGR: Special Billing Features (FSD 85 Series)Aug 2005
GR-1188 LSSGR: CLASS(SM) Feature: Calling Name Delivery Generic Requirements (FSD 01-02-1070)Apr 2009
GR-1193 LSSGR: Generic Requirements for a Dedicated Data Link Interface Between an End Office SPCS and CPE (FSD-04-07-000)Feb 2002
GR-1194 Bellcore Operations Systems Security RequirementsDec 1998
GR-1200 Generic Requirements for Accelerated Life Testing of Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries at High TemperaturesSep 2003
GR-1209 Generic Requirements for Passive Optical ComponentsSep 2010
GR-1217 Generic Requirements for Separable Electrical Connectors Used in Telecommunications HardwareDec 2008
GR-1218 ISDN Distinctive Alerting (I-DAL) Generic RequirementsJun 1994
GR-1221 Generic Reliability Assurance Requirements for Passive Optical ComponentsSep 2010
GR-1222 Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic TerminatorsNov 1995
GR-1230 SONET Bi-Directional Line-Switched Ring Equipment Generic CriteriaDec 1998
GR-1237 SMDS Generic Requirements for Initial Operations Management Capabilities in Support of Exchange Access and Intercompany Serving ArrangementsJul 1994
GR-1241 Supplemental Service Control Point (SCP) Generic RequirementsDec 2006
GR-1242 ISDN Selective Call RejectionApr 1994
GR-1244 Clocks for the Synchronized Network: Common Generic CriteriaOct 2009
GR-1245 CCS Node Generic Requirements to Support Routing Verification TestsOct 1999
GR-1248 Generic Requirements for Operations of ATM Network Elements (NES)Nov 1998
GR-1250 Generic Requirements for Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) File TransferDec 1999
GR-1251 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Numbering Plan Area Split Management (FSD 30-29-0000)Jun 2000
GR-1253 Generic Requirements for Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Telecommunications Management Network Security AdministrationsJun 1995
GR-126 Generic Requirements for Network Outdoor Customer Premises, and Universal Cross-Connecting WireJun 2013
GR-1270 Generic Requirements for ISDN PRI Call-by-Call Service Selection for Non-ISDN Foreign Exchange Facilities, Non-ISDN Tie Trunks, OUTWATS, and INWATSOct 2003
GR-1272 Gateway Signaling Transfer Point (GSTP) Local Message Screening Test Capability Generic RequirementsJul 1994
GR-1273 Analog Display Services Interface (ADSI) SPCS/Server Generic RequirementsAug 1998
GR-1274 Generic Requirements for Reliability Qualification Testing of Printed Wiring Assemblies Exposed to Airborne Hygroscopic DustNov 2009
GR-1275 Central Office/Network Environment Equipment Installation/Removal Generic RequirementsDec 2010
GR-1277 Operator Services: Switching System Generic Requirements Using Integrated Services Digital Network User Part (ISUP)Aug 2001
GR-1280 Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) Service Control Point (SCP) Generic RequirementsNov 1993
GR-1286 Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) Operations System (OS) - Service Control Point (SCP) Interface Generic RequirementsNov 1993
GR-1290 ISDN Selective Call Acceptance (I-SCA) Generic RequirementsJun 1994
GR-1293 Generic Requirements for Permanent AC & DC Backup Generators Including Fuel Cells for Remote Electronic SitesMar 2017
GR-1295 Generic Requirements for Remote Fiber Testing Systems (RFTSs)Jan 2000
GR-1298 AINGR: Switching SystemsNov 2004
GR-1299 AINGR: Switch - Service Control Point (SCP)/Adjunct InterfaceNov 2004
GR-13 Generic Requirements for Pedestal Terminal ClosuresJan 2008
GR-1309 TSC/RTU and OTAU Generic Requirements for Remote Optical Fiber TestingJun 1995
GR-1310 ISDN Call Deflection for Primary Rate Interfaces Generic RequirementsSep 1996
GR-1312 Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber Amplifiers and Proprietary Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexed SystemsApr 1999
GR-1315 In-Process Quality Metrics Generic RequirementsDec 1997
GR-1323 Supplier Data - Comprehensive Generic RequirementsDec 1995
GR-1326 Generic Requirements for ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) Calling Name Identification ServicesAug 1998
GR-1327 Frame Relay Network Element OperationsApr 1994
GR-1332 Generic Requirements for Data Communication Network SecurityApr 1996
GR-1337 Multipoint Multimedia Conferencing Control UnitNov 1995
GR-1339 Generic Reliability Requirements for Digital Cross-Connect SystemsMar 1997
GR-1343 Generic Requirements for the Automatic Message Accounting Data Networking System (AMADNS)Dec 2003
GR-1344 Operations Generic Criteria for WACS NESMar 1995
GR-1345 Framework Generic Requirements for Element Manager (EM) Applications for SONET SubnetworksDec 2000
GR-1357 Common Channel Signaling Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting Switched DS1/Switched Fractional DS1 Service Capability (SWF-DS1)May 1999
GR-136 Generic Requirements for Distributing Frame WireOct 1995
GR-1364 LSSGR: Switch Processing Time Generic Requirements, Section 5.6Jun 1995
GR-1365 SONET Private Line Service Interface Generic Criteria for End UsersDec 1994
GR-1367 Generic Requirements for ISDN Calling Name Identification Services for Primary Rate InterfaceAug 1997
GR-137 Generic Requirements for Twisted-Pair Metallic Cable Products Used in Telecommunications FacilitiesMay 2013
GR-1371 Phase 1 Frame Relay PVC CNM ServiceApr 1994
GR-1373 Engineering, Installation/Removal Quality System Generic RequirementsJul 2003
GR-1374 SONET Inter-Carrier Interface Physical Layer Generic Criteria For CarriersDec 1994
GR-1379 Frame Relay Service Generic Criteria On Operations Interfaces - Information Model And UsageApr 1994
GR-1380 Generic Requirements for Fusion Splice ProtectorsJul 1994
GR-1397 Generic Requirements for ISDN PRI Call-by-Call Hotel/Motel and Selective Class of Call Screening (SCOCS) Service SelectionsFeb 1998
GR-1399 Generic Requirements for Coaxial Distribution CableAug 1994
GR-1400 SONET Unidirectional Path Switched Ring (UPSR) Equipment Generic CriteriaJul 2006
GR-1401 Visual Message Waiting Indicator Generic Requirements (FSD 01-02-2000)Jun 2000
GR-1402 Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - DS3 HCDS TSC/RTU and DTAU Functional RequirementsDec 1995
GR-1406 Terminal Initialization for ISDN Packet-Mode Data Generic RequirementsJan 1994
GR-1411 PCS Access Services Interface Specification in Support of PCS Routing Service, PCS Home Database Service, and PCS IS-41 Message Transport ServiceApr 1994
GR-1417 Broadband Switching System SS7 Generic RequirementsDec 1999
GR-1418 Generic Requirements for Wrist Strap TestersSep 2016
GR-1419 Generic Requirements for ESD-Protective WorkstationsDec 1995
GR-1421 Generic Requirements for ESD-Protective Circuit Packed ContainersJun 1995
GR-1422 Generic Requirements for ESD-Controlling Wrist StrapsAug 1994
GR-1423 Generic Requirements for ESD-Protective Floor FinishesDec 1994
GR-1424 Generic Requirements for ESD-Protective Floor CoveringsFeb 1995
GR-1428 Common Channel Signaling (CCS) Network Interface Specification Supporting Toll-Free ServiceMay 1995
GR-1429 Common Channel Signaling Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting Call Management ServicesAug 1994
GR-1430 Generic Requirements for Initial Frame Relay PVC Exchange Access Operations Management (XA-OM) ServiceOct 1994
GR-1431 Common Channel Signaling Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting Broadband ServicesDec 1999
GR-1432 Common Channel Signaling Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting SCCP and TCAPDec 2004
GR-1434 CCS Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting Wireless Services ProvidersDec 1998
GR-1435 Generic Requirements for Multi-Fiber Optical ConnectorsMay 2008
GR-1436 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Visual Screening List Editing (FSD 30-28-0100)Jun 2000
GR-145 Compatibility Information for Interconnection of a Wireless Services Provider and a Local Exchange Carrier NetworkMay 1998
GR-1465 OTGR Section 6.5: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - Automatic Board-To-Board Testing (ABBT) and DLC Cutover TestingDec 1995
GR-1469 Security for OSI-Based TMN InterfacesOct 1994
GR-1500 Generic Requirements for Powering Telecommunications Load Equipment (TLE) in Telecommunications SystemsOct 2005
GR-1502 Central Office/Network Environment Detail Engineering Generic RequirementsDec 2010
GR-1503 Generic Requirements for Coaxial Connectors (Series 59, 6, 7 and 11)Mar 1995
GR-1504 Generic Requirements for Wireless Service Provider(WSP) Automatic Message Accounting (AMA)May 2003
GR-1506 NDCOS-OS Interface Functions and ArchitecturesDec 1996
GR-1509 Generic Requirements for Call-by-Call Access to Interexchange Carrier Services via Signaling System No. 7 (SS7)Dec 1994
GR-151 Generic Requirements For 24-, 48-, 130- and 140-Volt Central Office Power Plant RectifiersJul 2003
GR-1512 Call Screening, FSD 01-02-2100Oct 1994
GR-1515 Generic Requirements for the Detection and Control of Thermal Runaway in VRLA BatteriesNov 1994
GR-1517 CLASS(SM) Feature: Outside Calling Area Alerting, FSD01-02-1230 (A Module of LSSGR, FR-64)Jan 1996
GR-1519 CCSNIS Supporting TR-1188 Calling Name DeliveryNov 1994
GR-1520 Ring Control, FSD 01-02-2200Oct 1994
GR-181 Dual-Tone Multifrequency Receiver Generic Requirements for End-to-End Signaling Over Tandem-Switched Voice LinksJul 2003
GR-1929 Reliability and Quality Measurements for Telecommunications Systems (RQMS-Wireless)Feb 2005
GR-196 Generic Requirements for Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Type EquipmentSep 2010
GR-198 Generic Requirements for Hand-Held Stabilized Light Sources, Optical Power Meters, Reflectance Meters, and Optical Loss Test SetsDec 2011
GR-199 TL1 Memory Administration MessagesDec 2005
GR-20 Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber CableJul 2013
GR-202 Loop Testing Messages at the OS/TSC InterfaceNov 1995
GR-205 Generic Requirements for ISDN Electronic Key Telephone ServiceSep 1997
GR-209 Generic Requirements for Product Change Notices (PCNs)Jan 2020
GR-215 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Automatic Callback (FSD 01-02-1250)Apr 2002
GR-216 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Customer Originated Trace (FSD 01-02-1052)Apr 2002
GR-217 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Selective Call Forwarding (FSD 01-02-1410)Apr 2002
GR-218 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Selective Call Rejection (FSD 01-02-0760)Apr 2002
GR-219 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting (FSD 01-01-1110)Apr 2002
GR-220 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Screening List Editing (FSD 30-28-0000)Apr 2002
GR-221 Interface and Functional Requirements for Microprocessor Control of 24-, 48-, 130-, and 140-Volt Central Office Power PlantsDec 2003
GR-227 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Automatic Recall (FSD 01-02-1260)Apr 2002
GR-228 Generic Human Factors Requirements for Network Terminal Equipment: PreliminaryDec 2000
GR-230 Generic Requirements For Engineering Complaints (ECs)Sep 2020
GR-232 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Vented Lead-Acid BatteriesJul 2023
GR-239 Generic Requirements for Indoor Telephone Network Interface Devices (NIDs)Oct 2003
GR-246 Telcordia Technologies Specification of Signalling System Number 7Dec 2005
GR-2525 Generic Requirements and Design Considerations for Mechanized Distributing FramesApr 2004
GR-253 Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Transport Systems: Common Generic CriteriaOct 2009
GR-26 Generic Requirements for Controlled Environmental Vaults (CEVS)Dec 1994
GR-264 Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber CleaversAug 2003
GR-268 ISDN Basic Rate Interface Call Control Switching and Signaling Generic RequirementsJul 1998
GR-27 Generic Requirements for Environmental Control Systems for Electronic Equipment EnclosuresDec 1994
GR-2759 A View of Packaging, Packing, Palletization, and Marking RequirementsSep 2007
GR-2801 Switching and Signaling Generic Requirements for Network Access Services to Personal Communications Services (PCS) ProvidersJan 1994
GR-2803 Generic Requirement for a Packet Assembler Disassembler Supporting T3POSDec 1995
GR-2804 Generic Requirements for a Universal Network-to-Server Access Method (UNAM)Jan 1994
GR-2813 Generic Requirements for Software Reliability PredictionJan 1994
GR-2815 Default Service on ISDN Basic Rate Interfaces Generic RequirementsDec 1993
GR-2816 Generic Requirements for PPSN Network PerformanceDec 1993
GR-282 Software Reliability and Quality Acceptance Criteria (SRQAC)Jul 2006
GR-2820 Integrated Customer Advance Networking Primary Rate Interface Signaling and Interface ConfigurationJul 1994
GR-2821 Generic Requirements for ICAN Signaling System NO.7 (SS7)-Supported Virtual Private FacilitiesNov 1994
GR-2822 Generic Requirements for Integrated Customer Advanced Networking (ICAN) Electronic Tandem Switching (ETS) ServicesDec 1994
GR-2823 PRI Common Element Procedures and Service Information Transport Generic RequirementsJan 1996
GR-2824 Generic Requirements for Integrated Customer Advanced Networking (ICAN) Calling Number Identification Services (ICAN CNIS)Jul 1994
GR-283 Simplified Message Desk Interface (SMDI)Feb 2002
GR-2830 Primary Reference Sources: Generic RequirementsDec 1995
GR-2831 Generic Requirements for ISDN Anonymous Call RejectionMar 1994
GR-2832 Generic Requirements for Walk-In CabinetsDec 1994
GR-2833 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Information Model for Integrated Digital Loop Carrier and Fiber in the Loop SystemsDec 1996
GR-2834 Generic Requirements for Basic Electrical, Mechanical & Environmental Criteria for Outside Plant EquipmentSep 1995
GR-2835 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools - Information Model for WACS RPCUSep 1995
GR-2836 Generic Requirements for Assuring Corrosion Resistance of Telecommunication Equipment in Outside PlantDec 1994
GR-2837 ATM Virtual Path Ring Functionality in SONET - Generic CriteriaFeb 1998
GR-2838 Generic Requirements for GetDataDec 2008
GR-2839 Generic Requirements for ISDN Enhancements to X.25 User Testing CapabilitiesDec 1994
GR-284 Reliability and Quality Switching Systems Generic Requirements (RQSSGR)Sep 2003
GR-2840 Generic Requirements for Environmental Stressing Applied to Telecommunications ProductsJun 1995
GR-2841 Generic Requirements for Operations Systems Platform ReliabilityJun 1994
GR-2842 ATM Service Access Multiplexer Generic RequirementsNov 1996
GR-2843 Generic Requirements for Compressed Digital Video Test Sets (DVTS)Dec 1995
GR-2844 Billing Measurements for Voice and FAX MessagingOct 1994
GR-2845 Generic Requirements for the ATM Network and Element Management LayersJun 1994
GR-2846 Generic Requirements for Coaxial Distribution ConnectorsDec 1994
GR-2847 Generic Requirements for Cable Penetration Seal Assembly for CEVS and ManholesSep 1994
GR-2848 Broadband Multi-Services User-Network Interface Generic RequirementsJun 1994
GR-2853 Generic Requirements for AM/Digital Video Laser Transmitters, Optical Fiber Amplifiers, and ReceiversDec 1996
GR-2854 Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Dispersion CompensatorsDec 1997
GR-2856 Generic Requirements for D-Channel Message Performance Monitoring and Control on Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) InterfacesAug 1997
GR-2857 RTPFR: Generic Requirements for the Signaling System 7 (SS7) Release to Pivot (RTP) Phase I Network CapabilityDec 1999
GR-2859 Switch-Based Feature Interaction RequirementsDec 1995
GR-2861 Network Element Time-of-Day Time Transfer, Coordination and Synchronization Generic RequirementsOct 1994
GR-2863 CCS Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN)Dec 1995
GR-2864 Routing and Access Controller - NTMOS Interface RequirementsOct 1994
GR-2865 Generic Requirements for ISDN PRI Two B-Channel TransferMar 2000
GR-2866 Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber FanoutsOct 2007
GR-2867 Generic Functional Requirements for a Speech Processing Peripheral (SPP) to Support Directory Assistance Automation (DAA)Jan 1995
GR-2868 Preliminary Requirements for SPP-SPP Client Interface in Support of DAAMar 1995
GR-2869 Generic Requirements for Operations Based on the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) ArchitectureApr 2001
GR-2872 Generic Requirements for Trouble Administration Electronic BondingDec 1994
GR-2873 Generic Requirements for Coaxial Drop Passive ElementsJul 1995
GR-2874 Generic Requirements for Coaxial Drop AmplifiersSep 1995
GR-2875 Generic Requirements for Digital Interface SystemsMay 1996
GR-2876 Generic Requirements for Universal Test Sets (UTS)Dec 1995
GR-2877 Switching System AMA Requirements for Translations Audit Records (Tars)Jun 1995
GR-2878 Generic Requirements for CCS Nodes Supporting ATM High-Speed Signaling Links (HSLS)Dec 1999
GR-2879 Generic Requirements for Aerial Hybrid Coaxial Drop/Twisted Pair Aerial Drop CableNov 1995
GR-2882 Generic Requirements for Optical Isolators and CirculatorsDec 1995
GR-2883 Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic FiltersDec 1995
GR-2884 Generic Requirements for Multi-Bore ConduitJul 1995
GR-2886 Generic Requirements for Tools Used for Connectorizing Distribution and Drop Broadband Coaxial CableDec 1995
GR-2887 Generic Requirements for Tools Used for Installing Broadband Coaxial Cable NetworksDec 1995
GR-2888 Generic Requirements for Hardware Used to Install Broadband Coaxial Cable NetworksDec 1995
GR-2889 Generic Requirements for the Coaxial PortJul 1995
GR-2890 Active Network Interface Device (Residential Gateway)Nov 1996
GR-2891 SONET ATM Virtual Path Digital Cross-Connect Systems - Generic CriteriaDec 1998
GR-2892 Switching and Signaling Generic Requirements for Toll-Free Service Using AINApr 1995
GR-2897 Generic Requirements For ATM Network View CMIP Interface ModelJan 1999
GR-2898 Generic Requirements for Fiber Demarcation BoxesDec 1999
GR-2899 Generic Criteria for SONET Two-Channel (1310/1550-NM) Wavelength Division Multiplexed SystemsSep 1995
GR-2900 SONET Asymmetric Multiples Functional CriteriaSep 1995
GR-2901 Video Transport Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Generic RequirementsMay 1995
GR-2902 CCS Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting Toll-Free Service Using AINMay 1995
GR-2903 Reliability Assurance Practices for Fiber Optic Data LinksDec 1995
GR-2904 Generic Requirements for Commercial and Business Quality Video Services-Transmission Parameter Limits and Interface CombinationsDec 1996
GR-2905 Generic Requirements for EML Applications for Management of IDLC SystemsOct 1997
GR-2906 Personal Access Communications Systems (PACS) Element Management Layer (EML) Functional RequirementsSep 1995
GR-2908 Generic Requirements for Surge Protectors on Coaxial Lines at Customer's PremisesNov 1998
GR-2910 Generic Requirements for Bonding and Grounding Hardware on Coaxial Drop CableDec 1995
GR-2911 Software Inventory for Network Element Software ManagementJun 1995
GR-2912 Generic Requirements for Reliability in ManufacturingSep 1995
GR-2913 Generic Requirements for Call Park, FSD 01-02-2400Feb 1996
GR-2914 Human Factors Requirements for Equipment to Improve Network ReliabilityDec 1998
GR-2915 Application of Software Management OSI Information Model to Software Download and Memory RestorationNov 1999
GR-2916 Generic Requirements for a 5 Pin Protector Block AssemblyNov 2001
GR-2917 Generic Requirements for ISDN Smart Attendant ServiceSep 1996
GR-2918 DWDM Network Transport Systems with Digital Tributaries for Use in Metropolitan Area Applications: Common Generic CriteriaJan 2003
GR-2919 Generic Requirements for Hybrid Optical Splice/Connector for Single-Mode Optical FiberDec 1996
GR-2921 Generic Requirements for Power Passing TapsJul 1996
GR-2922 Generic Requirements for Addressable TapsJul 1996
GR-2923 Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning ProductsFeb 2010
GR-2925 Generic Requirements for ESD-Protective Chairs and CartsDec 1996
GR-2929 IntraLATA InterLEC ServicesDec 1996
GR-2930 NEBS: Raised Floor Generic Requirements for Network and Data CentersJul 2012
GR-2931 High Probability of Completion Network Capability FSD 15-10-0000Jul 1996
GR-2932 Database FunctionalitiesMay 1997
GR-2933 System Software Release AlterationOct 1996
GR-2934 High-Speed Access for Network OperationsSep 1998
GR-2935 Generic Requirements for the Type of Address/Numbering - Plan Identifier (TOA/NPI) Address Format in X.25 and ISDN NetworksDec 1996
GR-2936 Local Number Portability (LNP) Capability Specification: Service Provider PortabilityNov 1997
GR-2938 AINGR: Service Control Point (SCP) Network Traffic ManagementDec 1996
GR-2939 SPCS/Server Generic Requirements for the Next Generation of the Analog Display Services Interface (ADSI++)Nov 1999
GR-2940 OTGR Section 15.9: Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: POTS/Loop TestingNov 1997
GR-2941 Generic Requirements for Automated SPID SelectionOct 1996
GR-2942 Primary Rate Interface Generic Requirements for Message Waiting NotificationJan 1997
GR-2946 CCSNIS Supporting Network Interconnection Using High Speed Signaling Links (HSLS)Nov 1999
GR-2947 Generic Requirements for Portable Polarization Mode Dispersion Test SetsDec 1997
GR-2948 Prompted Automatic Callback FSD 01-02-1255Dec 1996
GR-2949 Generic Requirements on Buried Hybrid Coaxial/Twisted Pair CableJul 1997
GR-295 Mesh and Isolated Bonding Networks: Definition and Application to Telephone Central OfficesNov 2004
GR-2950 Information Model for SONET Digital Cross-Connect Systems (DCSS)Feb 1999
GR-2951 Object Oriented Process Metrics (OOPM)Dec 1997
GR-2952 Generic Requirements for Portable Polarization Wavelength Division Multiplexer AnalyzersDec 1997
GR-2953 Enhanced MF Signaling: E9-1-1 Tandem to PSAP InterfaceMar 1997
GR-2954 Transport Performance Management Based on the TMN ArchitectureDec 1997
GR-2955 Generic Requirements for Hybrid SONET/ATM Element Management Systems (EMSS)Nov 1998
GR-2956 CCS/SS7 Generic Requirements in Support of E9-1-1 ServiceDec 2002
GR-2957 Generic Requirements for Below-Ground Flywheel Energy Storage SystemsNov 1997
GR-2958 Generic Requirements for Data Elements Used in Fiber Management Software SystemsJun 1998
GR-2959 OSSGR: Terminating Inward Services (FSD 65-01-0200)Mar 1997
GR-2960 IntraLATA Carrier Identification for ISDN Generic RequirementsSep 1997
GR-2963 OTGR Section 2.2: Network Element Configuration Management - Software ManagementNov 1999
GR-2964 ISDN Primary Rate Interface Hold Capability Generic RequirementsDec 1997
GR-2965 Generic Requirements for ISDN PRI Multi-B-Channel ConferencingDec 1997
GR-2966 Module Specific Generic Requirements for Specialized Processing Modules (SPMS) for the Automatic Message Accounting Data Networking System (AMADNS)Dec 2000
GR-2967 ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) E9-1-1 Tandem/End Office to ISDN PSAP InterfaceDec 2000
GR-2968 ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI): E9-1-1 Tandem/End Office to ISDN PSAP InterfaceDec 2000
GR-2969 Generic Requirements for the Design and Manufacture of Short-Life Information Handling Products and EquipmentDec 1997
GR-2970 Service Provider Identification Capability Specification FSD 30-40-0000Dec 1997
GR-2971 Generic Requirements for ESD Signs, Symbols, and AwarenessDec 1997
GR-2972 Generic Requirements for ESD Protective Tapes and AdhesiveDec 1997
GR-2973 Lawful Access Feature: Switching Generic RequirementsApr 2000
GR-2974 RTPFR: Directory Assistance Call Completion (DACC) Generic Requirements for the Use of Signaling System 7 (SS7) Release to Pivot (RTP) Phase I Network CapabilityDec 1999
GR-2975 Surveillance Administration System Generic RequirementsSep 2000
GR-2976 Generic Requirements for the Interactive Billing Transaction Manager (IBTM)Dec 1997
GR-2977 TIRKS System Function Coding Process and Guidelines Generic RequirementsMar 1998
GR-2979 Generic Requirements for Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (OADMs) and Optical Terminal Multiplexers (OTMs)Mar 2005
GR-2980 Generic Criteria for ATM Layer Protection Switching MechanismDec 1998
GR-2981 Quality Program Analysis (QPA) for Telecommunications Engineering or Installation SuppliersOct 2005
GR-2982 Location Number Portability (LNP) Capability Specification: Local PortabilityDec 1997
GR-2983 Future Voice Grade Special Access Services Configurations, Transmission Parameter Limits and Interface CombinationsDec 1997
GR-2985 Common User-Side Procedures for ISDN Primary Rate Interface Generic RequirementsSep 1998
GR-2986 Business Group-to-Business Group and Business Group-to-CPE Networking Using ISDN Primary Rate Interface Generic RequirementsSep 1998
GR-2987 Business Group Access to Interexchange Carrier (IEC) Services Using ISDN Primary Rate Interface RequirementsSep 1998
GR-2988 Switch Requirements to Support an Internet Access Traffic Off-Load ArchitectureDec 1998
GR-2989 Generic Requirements for an Internet Call Router Node to Support an Internet Access Traffic Off-Load ArchitectureDec 1998
GR-2990 Access Server Requirements Needed to Support Internet Access ArchitectureDec 1998
GR-2991 Fault Management Based on the Telecommunications Management Networks (TMN) ArchitectureNov 1998
GR-2992 AS/LIDB-AS/LIDB Data Migration Interface Generic RequirementsApr 2009
GR-2993 ISDN Primary Rate Call Forwarding Interface Busy Generic RequirementsOct 1998
GR-2996 Generic Criteria for SONET Digital Cross-Connect SystemsJan 1999
GR-2997 ISDN BRI Trunk Generic RequirementsJan 1999
GR-2998 Generic Requirements for Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) Element Management Systems (EMSs)Jan 2000
GR-2999 Generic Requirements for Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) Network Management Systems (NMSs)Jan 2000
GR-30 LSSGR Voiceband Data Transmission Interface, Section 6.6Dec 1998
GR-3000 Generic Requirements for SONET Element Management Systems (EMSs)Nov 1999
GR-3001 Generic Requirements for SONET Network Management Systems (NMSs)Dec 1999
GR-3002 Generic Requirements for Half Ringer (HR) UnitsJun 1998
GR-3003 Generic Requirements For SONET/ATM Network Management Systems (NMSs)Feb 1999
GR-3004 Generic Requirements for the Operations Interface Between Hybrid SONET/ATM Element Management Systems and Network Management SystemsFeb 1999
GR-3006 LSSGR: CLASS (SM) Feature: Audible Voice Identity Delivery (AVID)Apr 2002
GR-3008 OTGR Section 6.9: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - SONET STS-1 and SUB-STS-1 TSC/RTU and DTAU Functional RequirementsDec 1998
GR-3009 Optical Cross-Connect Generic RequirementsDec 2001
GR-301 Public Packet Switched Network Generic Requirements (PPSNGR)Dec 1997
GR-3010 Configuration Management Based on the Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) ArchitectureJun 2001
GR-3011 Generic Requirements for the Real-Time Usage Data Delivery System (RUDDS)Dec 2000
GR-3012 Generic Requirements for Network Interconnection Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) Link Monitoring System (LMS) Automatic Message Accounting (AMA)Dec 2000
GR-3013 Generic Reliability Assurance Requirements for Optoelectronic Devices Used in Short-Life, Information-Handling Products and EquipmentDec 1999
GR-3014 Traffic Performance Management Based on the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) ArchitectureDec 1999
GR-3015 RTPFR: Generic Requirements for the Signaling System 7 (SS7) Release to Pivot (RTP) Phase II Network CapabilityAug 2001
GR-3016 RTPFR:Operator Services Generic Requirements for the Use of Signaling System 7 (SS7) Release to Pivot (RTP) Phase II Network CapabilityAug 2001
GR-3017 Generic Requirements for an AIN-Based Implementation of E9-1-1 ServiceDec 2002
GR-3018 Generic Requirements for Customer Moves of ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ServiceJan 2000
GR-3019 OTGR: Generic Sections and Keywords Specification for Use With GR-740-COREMar 2000
GR-3020 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries in the Outside Plant (OSP)Jul 2023
GR-3021 Generic Requirements for CCS Nodes Supporting M2PA IP-Based Virtual High Speed Signaling Links (IPVHSLs)Dec 2002
GR-3022 CCS Network Interface Specification to Support Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) over ATM/IPDec 2001
GR-3023 ISDN PRI: Originating Location Information for Emergency Calls - Generic Requirements.Oct 2000
GR-3024 Generic Requirements for Security of CORBA-Based Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) TransactionsJun 2001
GR-3025 Generic Requirements for Security of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Supporting Telecommunications Management Network (TMN)Aug 2001
GR-3026 Generic Requirements for Security for SNMP-Based Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) InterfacesOct 2001
GR-3028 Thermal Management In Telecommunications Central Offices: Thermal GR-3028Dec 2001
GR-3029 CCSNIS Supporting Network Interconnection Using IP-Based Virtual High Speed Signaling Links (IPVHSLs)Dec 2001
GR-303 Integrated Digital Loop Carrier System Generic Requirements, Objectives, and InterfaceDec 2000
GR-303-IMD Integrated Digital Loop Carrier Generic Operations Interface (Formerly TR-TSY-000303, Supplement 3)Dec 1998
GR-3031 Generic Requirements for Indoor Electronic Equipment CabinetsDec 2014
GR-3032 Interactions Between Generic Requirements Documents GR-3108, GR-487, and GR-950Dec 2014
GR-3033 Generic Requirements for Indoor and Outdoor Battery Backup CabinetsDec 2014
GR-3051 Voice over Packet: NGN Call Connection Agent Generic RequirementsApr 2001
GR-3053 Voice over Packet (VoP): Next Generation Network (NGN) Signaling Gateway Generic RequirementsFeb 2000
GR-3054 Voice over Packet: NGN Trunk Gateway Generic RequirementsMar 2000
GR-3055 Voice over Packet: NGN Access Gateway Generic RequirementsMar 2000
GR-3058 Next Generation Networks (NGN) Accounting Management Generic Requirements - Including Conversion Guide for 3GPP CDRs to AMA RecordsDec 2012
GR-3059 Generic Requirements for Voice over Packet End-to-End PerformanceMar 2000
GR-3060 Framework Generic Requirements for Voice over Packet (VoP) Network ServicesApr 2000
GR-3061 VoP: NGN Customer Gateway Framework Generic RequirementsMay 2001
GR-3062 VoP: NGN Network Mediation Gateway Framework Generic RequirementsMay 2001
GR-3070 Voice over Packet: NGN Element Management System (EMS) Generic RequirementsMar 2000
GR-3071 VoP Element Management System (EMS) - Network Management System (NMS) Interface Generic RequirementsOct 2001
GR-31 CLASS Feature: Calling Number Delivery (FSD 01-02-1051)Jun 2000
GR-310 CCS Operations System (CCS OS) - STP Interface SpecificationDec 2003
GR-3100 Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) Over ATM/IP Switching Systems Generic RequirementsDec 2001
GR-3101 Generic Requirements for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Element Management Systems (EMSs)Aug 2000
GR-3102 Generic Requirements for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Network Management SystemsOct 2000
GR-3103 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Interface Specification for Line Information Database (LIDB)Apr 2009
GR-3104 Line Information Database (LIDB) Enhanced Expanded Measurement (EEM) Generic RequirementsDec 2000
GR-3105 Generic Requirements for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Network Management System (NMS)-Element Management System (EMS) InterfaceDec 2000
GR-3106 TIA/EIA-41 Interface Specifications for Line Information Database (LIDB)Dec 2002
GR-3107 Line Information Database (LIDB) Specification to Support Wireless Calling Name Presentation (CNAP)Dec 2002
GR-3108 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Network Equipment in the Outside Plant (OSP)Dec 2022
GR-3109 Generic Requirements for Packet Voice Integrated Digital Loop Carrier (PV-IDLC) SystemApr 2003
GR-3110 Generic Criteria for Packet Voice Integrated Digital Loop Carrier (IDLC) Systems Operation and ManagementApr 2003
GR-3111 Generic Requirements for Transmission Characteristics for Outside Plant Passive Copper ComponentsJan 2009
GR-3112 Emergency Services Network InterconnectionOct 2007
GR-3113 Generic Requirements for a Local Location Information Server (LIS) to Support E9-1-1 Originating Location Information for IP Centrex/IP PBXOct 2005
GR-3114 E9-1-1 Network to PSAP Access Interconnection Specifications - Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)Oct 2003
GR-3115 Generic Requirements for Copper Cross-Connect CabinetsJun 2016
GR-3118 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Positioning Center (VPC) Generic RequirementsSep 2008
GR-3119 Emergency Service Zone (ESZ) Routing Database (ERDB) Generic RequirementsOct 2008
GR-312 Functional Criteria for the DS1 Interface ConnectorOct 2003
GR-3120 Generic Requirements for Hardened Fiber Optic Connectors (HFOCs) and Hardened Fiber Optic Adapters (HFOAs)Apr 2010
GR-3122 Generic Requirements for a Factory-Installed Termination System (FITS)Oct 2006
GR-3125 Generic Requirements for Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDHs)Dec 2016
GR-3126 Generic Requirements for Wall Plates, Moldings, and Raceways that Support Fiber Optic Services (Including Fiber to the Premises [FTTP])Dec 2005
GR-3129 Emergency Services Gateway (ESGW) Generic RequirementsDec 2007
GR-3130 Location Validation Database (VDB) Generic Requirements in Support of E9-1-1 ServiceNov 2007
GR-314 Generic Requirements for Telephone Headsets at Operator ConsolesNov 1994
GR-3142 Generic Requirements for Intelligent Network Interface Devices (iNIDs)Jun 2008
GR-3150 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Secondary Non-Aqueous Lithium BatteriesJul 2023
GR-3151 Generic Requirements for Copper Splice ClosuresJun 2007
GR-3152 Generic Requirements for Hardened Multi-Fiber Optical Connectors (HMFOCs)Jan 2009
GR-3154 Generic Requirements for High Density Feeder Distribution Interconnection and Surge ProtectionJan 2009
GR-3155 Generic Requirements for Single/Bundled Microducts and In-Living Unit (ILU) Cable PathwaysDec 2014
GR-3156 Universal Emergency Routing Control Point (UERCP) Generic RequirementsFeb 2009
GR-3157 Emergency Services Routing Proxy (ESRP) Generic RequirementsJul 2010
GR-3158 Generic Requirements for a Service Provider Location Information Server (LIS)Jun 2009
GR-3159 Generic Requirements for Fiber-Reinforced Composite (FRC), Concrete, and Steel Utility PolesJan 2012
GR-316 Vendor/RBOC Information Requirements For Servicing Defective Units Through The NPIACAug 2003
GR-3160 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Telecommunications Data Center Equipment and Spaces Including Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Equipment for Use in Communications NetworksMay 2022
GR-3161 Generic Requirements for Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Fiber Distribution TerminalsMar 2008
GR-3162 Legacy Network Gateway Generic RequirementsApr 2012
GR-3163 Generic Requirements for Metallic Telecommunications Service and Distribution Drop WiresFeb 2018
GR-3164 Generic Requirements for Metallic Telecommunications Premises WiresJul 2009
GR-3165 Emergency Services Border Control Function (BCF) Generic RequirementsFeb 2010
GR-3166 Legacy Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Gateway Generic RequirementsDec 2012
GR-3167 Generic Requirements for DSL Splitters for Installation in a Network Interface Device (NID)Sep 2009
GR-3168 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Systems for Telecommunications UseJul 2023
GR-3169 Generic Requirements for Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Battery Ohmic Measurement Type Equipment (OMTE)Dec 2013
GR-317 LSSGR: Switching System Generic Requirements for Call Control Using the Integrated Services Digital Network User Part (ISDNUP)Nov 2007
GR-3170 Legacy Selective Router (SR) Gateway Generic RequirementsOct 2010
GR-3171 Generic Requirements for Network Elements Used in Wireless Networks Physical Layer CriteriaDec 2014
GR-3173 Generic Requirements for Hybrid Optical and Electrical Cables for Use in Wireless Outdoor Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) ApplicationsFeb 2014
GR-3174 Generic Requirements for Hardware Attachments for Utility PolesMar 2012
GR-3175 Generic Requirements for Intrabuilding Coaxial CableJun 2014
GR-3176 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Sodium Nickel Chloride (Molten Salt) Batteries for Telecommunications ApplicationsJul 2023
GR-3177 Generic Requirements for Remote Radio Head Protection Used in Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) SystemsDec 2014
GR-3178 Generic Requirements for Wireless Transceiver FacilitiesFeb 2020
GR-3179 Generic Requirements for Voltage DetectorsMay 2018
GR-3181 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Nickel Zinc (NiZn) Batteries for Telecommunications UseMar 2023
GR-32 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Bulk Calling Line Identification (FSD 02-02-1280)Jun 2000
GR-320 Fundamental Generic Requirements for Metallic Digital Signal Cross-Connect Systems DSX-1, -1C, -2, -3Aug 2003
GR-321 Generic Requirements for Manual Digital Signal Cross-Connect Frames DSX-1, -1C, -2Jul 2003
GR-324 Maintenance Termination Units: Generic Requirements for Application on a Single-Party Loop-Start LineDec 1997
GR-326 Generic Requirements for Single-Mode Optical Connectors and Jumper AssembliesFeb 2010
GR-3334 Voice Grade Switched Access Service With Tandem Signaling: Transmission Parameter Limits and Interface CombinationsNov 1994
GR-334 Switched Access Service: Transmission Parameter Limits and Interface CombinationsJul 1994
GR-337 Program Audio Special Access and Local Channel ServicesDec 1995
GR-338 Television Special Access and Local Channel Services - Transmission Parameter Limits and Interface CombinationsDec 1995
GR-342 High-Capacity Digital Special Access Service Transmission Parameter Limits and Interface CombinationsDec 1995
GR-347 Generic Requirements for Telecommunications Power CableJul 2008
GR-350 E911 Public Safety Answering Point: Interface Between a 1/1AESS(TM) Switch and Customer Premises EquipmentJun 2003
GR-356 Generic Requirements for Optical Cable Innerduct, Associated Conduit, and AccessoriesJun 2009
GR-357 Generic Requirements for Assuring the Reliability of Components Used in Telecommunications EquipmentMar 2001
GR-3697 Line Information Database (LIDB) Data Screening-Volume 1 (SS7 Interface) and Volume 2 (LDAP Interface)Jun 2009
GR-376 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Network Data CollectionDec 1998
GR-378 Generic Requirements for Timing Signal GeneratorsDec 2010
GR-385 Automatic Message Accounting Teleprocessing Systems (AMATPS) Generic RequirementsOct 2001
GR-391 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Calling Identity Delivery Blocking Features (FSD 01-02-1053)Jun 2000
GR-394 LSSGR: Switching System Generic Requirements for Interexchange Carrier Interconnection (ICI) Using The Integrated Services Digital Network User Part (ISDNUP)Nov 2007
GR-409 Generic Requirements for Indoor Fiber Optic CableNov 2008
GR-416 CLASS Feature: Call Waiting Deluxe, FSD 01-02-1215Dec 1999
GR-418 Generic Reliability Assurance Requirements for Fiber Optic Transport SystemsDec 1999
GR-421 Generic Requirements for Metallic Telecommunications CablesOct 2008
GR-4228 Telcordia Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Battery String Certification Levels Based on Requirements for Safety and PerformanceJul 2023
GR-43 Generic Requirements for Telecommunications HutsJan 2013
GR-436 Digital Network Synchronization PlanSep 2014
GR-446 Generic Requirements for the Line Information Database (LIDB) Administrative System (AS)-LIDB InterfaceApr 2009
GR-449 Generic Requirements and Design Considerations for Fiber Distributing FramesMar 2012
GR-454 Generic Requirements for Supplier-Provided DocumentationDec 1997
GR-468 Generic Reliability Assurance Requirements for Optoelectronic Devices Used in Telecommunications EquipmentSep 2004
GR-471 OTGR Section 1: IntroductionJan 1995
GR-472 OTGR Section 2.1: Network Element Configuration ManagementNov 1996
GR-474 Network Maintenance: Alarm and Control for Network ElementsMay 2011
GR-477 Network Traffic ManagementFeb 2000
GR-478 Measurements and Data GenerationFeb 2000
GR-487 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Electronic Equipment CabinetsDec 2022
GR-49 Generic Requirements for Outdoor Telecommunication Network Interface Devices (NIDs)Jul 2013
GR-492 Generic Requirements for Metallic Telecommunication WireJun 2013
GR-495 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Network Traffic ManagementDec 1999
GR-496 SONET Add-Drop Multiplexer (SONET ADM) Generic CriteriaAug 2007
GR-499 Transport Systems Generic Requirements (TSGR): Common RequirementsNov 2009
GR-505 Call ProcessingDec 2006
GR-506 Signaling for Analog InterfacesDec 2011
GR-507 LSSGR: Transmission, Section 7Jun 2000
GR-508 LSSGR: Automatic Message Accounting (AMA), Section 8Sep 2003
GR-510 LSSGR: System Interfaces Section 10Jun 2000
GR-511 LSSGR: Service Standards Section 11Jun 2000
GR-512 LSSGR: Reliability, Section 12Jan 1998
GR-513 Power Requirements in Telecommunications PlantJan 2010
GR-517 LSSGR: Traffic Capacity and EnvironmentDec 1998
GR-518 LSSGR: Synchronization, Section 18Jul 1994
GR-520 LSSGR: Features Common to Residence and Business Customers I, FSD's 00 to 01-01-1000Jun 2000
GR-524 LSSGR: Attendant and Customer Switching System Features and Customer InterfacesJun 2000
GR-528 Public Telecommunications Service FSD 10-01-0000Dec 1994
GR-529 Public SafetyJun 2000
GR-531 LSSGR: Interoffice (FSDs 25-05-0903, 25-06-0501, 25-06-0502, 25-06-0506)Jun 2000
GR-532 LSSGR: Call Processing Features, FSD's 30-16-0000 Through 30-23-0000Jun 2000
GR-533 LSSGR: Database Services - Service Switching Points, Toll Free Service (FSD-31-01-000)Jun 2001
GR-534 LSSGR: Public Switched Digital Service, FSD 32-10-0000Jun 2000
GR-536 LSSGR: Trunk, Line, and Special Service Circuit Test (FSD 40-02-0301 and FSD 40-04-0100)Jun 2000
GR-54 DS1 High-Capacity Digital Service End User Metallic Interface SpecificationsDec 1995
GR-540 LSSGR Tandem SupplementMar 1999
GR-560 LSSGR: Individual Line (FSD 01-02-0100)Jun 2000
GR-561 LSSGR: Two-Party Line (FSD 01-02-0200)Jun 2000
GR-562 LSSGR: Manual Line Features (FSD 01-02-0301)Jun 2000
GR-563 LSSGR: Denied Termination (FSD 01-02-0500)Jun 2000
GR-564 LSSGR: Code Restriction and Diversion (FSD 01-02-0600)Jun 2000
GR-565 LSSGR: Voice/Data Protection (FSD 01-02-0710)Jun 2000
GR-567 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Anonymous Call Rejection, FSD 01-02-1060Jun 2000
GR-568 LSSGR: Series Completion, FSD 01-02-0801Jun 2000
GR-569 LSSGR: Multiline Hunt Service, FSD 01-02-0802Jun 2000
GR-57 Functional Criteria for Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) SystemsOct 2001
GR-570 LSSGR: Speed Calling, FSD 01-02-1101Jun 2000
GR-571 LSSGR: Call Waiting, FSD 01-02-1201Jun 2000
GR-572 LSSGR: Cancel Call Waiting, FSD 01-02-1204Jun 2000
GR-573 LSSGR: Business Group Call Waiting, FSD 01-02-1205Jun 2000
GR-574 LSSGR: Business Group Automatic Callback, FSD 01-02-1240Jun 2000
GR-575 LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting, FSD 01-02-1090Jun 2000
GR-577 LSSGR: Three-Way Calling, FSD 01-02-1301Jun 2000
GR-578 LSSGR: Usage-Sensitive Three-Way Calling (FSD 01-02-1304)Sep 2003
GR-579 LSSGR: Add-on Transfer and Conference Calling Features, FSD 01-02-1305Jun 2000
GR-580 Call Forwarding Variable, FSD 01-02-1401Jun 2000
GR-581 LSSGR: Remote Call Forwarding, FSD 01-02-1402Jun 2000
GR-586 Call Forwarding Subfeatures, FSD 01-02-1450Apr 2002
GR-588 LSSGR: Customer Premises Message Registers, FSD 01-02-1900Jun 2000
GR-590 LSSGR: Call Pickup Features, FSD 01-02-2800Jun 2000
GR-60 Generic Requirements for Wooden Utility PolesDec 2011
GR-600 LSSGR: Private Facility Access, FSD 02-01-0000Jun 2000
GR-601 LSSGR: Outward Wide Area Telecommunications Service (FSD 02-01-0030)Jun 2000
GR-602 LSSGR: Customer Control (FSD 02-02-0010)Jun 2000
GR-603 LSSGR: Outgoing Facility Group Queuing (FSD 02-02-0200)Jun 2000
GR-604 LSSGR: Automatic Flexible Routing (FSD 02-02-0300)Jun 2000
GR-605 LSSGR: Authorization Codes for Automatic Flexible Routing (AFR) and Account Codes for Basic Business Group and AFR (FSD 02-02-1010)Jun 2000
GR-606 LSSGR: Common Channel Signaling, Section 6.5Dec 2004
GR-610 LSSGR: Message Detail Recording (MDR), FSD 02-02-1110Jun 2000
GR-615 LSSGR: Generic Requirements for Message Detail Recording (MDR) Access Interfaces (FSD 02-02-1115)Jun 2000
GR-620 Generic Requirements for Wasp and Hornet SprayMay 2016
GR-621 LSSGR: Traffic Data Provision Features (FSD 02-02-1200)Jun 2000
GR-63 NEBS Requirements: Physical ProtectionDec 2017
GR-63-HEAT-CALCULATOR GR-63 Heat Dissipation CalculatorApr 2018
GR-66 Space Planning Documentation RequirementsNov 2003
GR-666 LSSGR: Universal Pair Gain Systems (FSD 20-02-0200)Jun 2000
GR-672 LSSGR: Bridge Services on an IDLC System (FSD 20-02-2010)Jun 2000
GR-674 LSSGR: Special Information Tones (FSD 20-06-0500)Jun 2000
GR-675 LSSGR: Expanded Announcement System (FSD 20-06-0600)Jun 2000
GR-677 LSSGR: Reverting Call Service (FSD 20-10-0000)Jun 2000
GR-679 LSSGR: Nail-up of Non-Switched Circuits on a Local Switch (FSD 20-16-0000)Jun 2000
GR-690 Exchange Access Interconnection, FSD 20-24-0000Nov 1996
GR-691 LSSGR: Facility/Service Selective Dialing Switching and Signaling Requirements (FSD 20-24-0020)Jun 2000
GR-692 LSSGR: Exchange Access Operator Services System Signaling (FSD 20-24-0030)Jun 2000
GR-693 LSSGR: Presubscription Indication, FSD 20-24-0040Jun 2000
GR-695 LSSGR: Integrated Multiple Access Switched Services (IMASS), FSD 20-24-0060Jun 2000
GR-697 LSSGR: Feature Group A, FSD 20-24-0200Jun 2000
GR-698 LSSGR: Feature Group B, FSD 20-24-0300Jun 2000
GR-730 LSSGR: Provisioning-Driven Memory Administration (PDMA), FSD 45-01-0200Jun 2000
GR-738 LSSGR: Local Point-to-Point Data Collection (FSD-45-06-0207)Jun 2000
GR-740 OTGR: Network Data Collection Operations System (NDC OS) to Element Management System (EMS)/Network Element (NE) Interface Using Object Oriented Information ModelsMar 2000
GR-741 LSSGR: Network Administration Center (NAC) Input/Output (I/O) Channel, FSD 45-10-0000Jun 2000
GR-745 LSSGR: Service Specific Call Gapping (FSD 45-17-0000)Jun 2000
GR-747 An Alternative Implementation of an SPCS to NTM OS Interface via an NDC OS, FSD 45-18-0450Jun 2000
GR-761 Generic Criteria for Chromatic Dispersion Test SetsNov 1996
GR-765 Generic Requirements for Single Fiber Single Mode Optical Splices and Splicing SystemsSep 1995
GR-769 Generic Requirements for Organizer AssembliesOct 1994
GR-771 Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Splice ClosuresJul 2008
GR-778 SEAS(TM) - STP Gateway Function Interface Specification: User Program Layer (UPL) Application Message Descriptions and Functional RequirementsNov 1994
GR-78 Generic Requirements for the Physical Design and Manufacture of Telecommunications Products and EquipmentSep 2007
GR-782 SONET Digital Switch Trunk Interface CriteriaJun 2000
GR-793 ISDN D-Channel Exchange Access Signaling and Switching Requirements (Layer 2)Jul 2003
GR-8 Digital Interface between the SLC(R)-96 Digital Loop Carrier System and a Local Digital SwitchOct 2001
GR-811 OTGR Section 12: Operations Application Messages - TL1 Messages IndexJun 1997
GR-815 Generic Requirements For Network Element/Network System (NE/NS) SecurityMar 2002
GR-818 OTGR Section 6.1: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - Generic Test ArchitectureDec 1995
GR-819 OTGR Section 6.2: Network Maintenance: Access Testing - Special Services (SS) and SS-Like NetworksDec 1995
GR-82 Signaling Transfer Point (STP) Generic RequirementsDec 2011
GR-820 Generic Digital Transmission SurveillanceDec 2010
GR-822 OTGR Section 6.3: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - Switched Circuits, and Public Packet Switched Network (PPSN)Dec 1995
GR-823 OTGR Section 6.4: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)Dec 1995
GR-826 OTGR Section 10.2: User Interface Generic Requirements For Supporting Network Element OperationsJul 1994
GR-828 OTGR Section 11.2: Operations Technology Generic Requirements (OTGR): Generic Operations Interface - OSI Communications ArchitectureOct 1996
GR-831 Operations Application Messages - Language For Operations Application MessagesNov 1996
GR-833 TL1 Surveillance and Maintenance MessagesDec 2010
GR-834 Network Maintenance: Access and Testing MessagesJun 2000
GR-836 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Information Model Overview: Transport Configuration and Surveillance For Network ElementsMar 2000
GR-836-IMD OTGR: Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools - Information Model Details: Transport Configuration and Surveillance for Network ElementsMar 2000
GR-839 Generic Requirements For Supplier-Provided TrainingJul 1996
GR-840 Supplier Support Generic RequirementsJun 2000
GR-844 Network Maintenance: Access and Testing-TSC/RTU Generic Requirements For Metallic Loop TestingNov 1995
GR-853 ISDN Call ForwardingOct 1998
GR-858 Flexible Calling For Managing Multiple Independent CallsDec 1998
GR-862 ISDN Automatic Message Accounting Generic RequirementsJan 1998
GR-866 ISDN Message Service Generic Switching and Signaling RequirementsJul 1995
GR-892 Switching System Operations Generic Requirements for ISDNDec 1995
GR-902 Generic Requirements for Handholes and Other Below-Ground Splice VaultsMar 2013
GR-905 Common Channel Signaling Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting Network Interconnection, Message Transfer Part (MTP), and Integrated Services Digital Network User Part (ISDNUP)Dec 2019
GR-909 Generic Criteria for Fiber in the Loop SystemsDec 2004
GR-910 Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic AttenuatorsDec 1998
GR-929 Reliability and Quality Measurements for Telecommunications Systems (RQMS-Wireline)Dec 2002
GR-937 Generic Requirements for Outdoor and Indoor Building Entrance Terminals (BETs)Aug 2005
GR-947 Generic Requirements for A -48 Volts Telecommunications Switchmode Rectifier/Power SupplyDec 1996
GR-950 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Optical Network Unit (ONU) Closures and ONU SystemsDec 2022
GR-954 Common Channel Signaling (CCS) Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting Line Information Database (LIDB) ServiceAug 2005
GR-955 Generic Requirements for Single and Multi-Fiber StrippersJul 2003
GR-965 IntraLATA Voice Grade Private Line ServicesJul 2003
GR-972 Call Forwarding Subfeatures: Switching System Requirements Using Signaling System No. 7 (SS7)Oct 2003
GR-974 Generic Requirements for Telecommunications Line Protector Units (TLPUs)Dec 2010
GR-981 Service Configuration Management for Switching Network Elements (NES)Dec 1996
GR-NWT-002800 ISDN Inspect Generic RequirementsJun 1993


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