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Generic Requirements for Single-Mode Fiber Optic Switches

Document Number GR-1073
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Nov 2011
Replaces TR-NWT-001073 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document provides the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements for single-mode, fiber optic switches. GR-1073, Issue 2, covers optical switching technologies that are currently available. Optical switching technology is driven by the need to provide flexibility in optical network connectivity.

    This GR provides an overview of commercially available switching technologies, provides a set of default generic criteria for those technologies, and recommends test procedures to determine the conformance or nonconformance of the product to the manufacturer's specifications and/or the default generic criteria contained in this document. The generic criteria in this document are intended for optical switches used in telecommunication service provider optical networks, network switching and provisioning equipment, and optical test equipment.

    GR-1073 proposes generic requirements for optical switching components to help promote the satisfactory operation of these components in single-mode fiber transmission networks, and to permit economical planning and engineering of these networks.

    This document describes characteristics, desired features, performance requirements, and performance tests for analyzing single-mode switches. Multimode switches are not considered in this document.

    What's New in Issue 2:

    • Aligns with the most recent issues of GR-1209, Issue 4, Generic Requirements for Passive Optical Components, and GR-1221, Issue 3, Generic Reliability Assurance Requirements for Passive Optical Components
    • Provides a more accurate picture of switch performance characteristics required for satisfactory switch implementation
    • Criteria have been grouped for protection switching and for maintenance switching
    • Performance windows and criteria have been updated to match the performance levels being used in 2011
    • Initial performance testing of switch samples has been introduced.
    Issue 2 of GR-1073, Generic Requirements for Singlemode Fiber Optic Switches, replaces Issue 1. GR-1073 replaced TR-NWT-001073.

    When using GR-1073, you may need to refer to GR-20, GR-63, GR-326, GR-357, GR-468, GR-1221, and GR-1435.

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