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Broadband Switching System (BSS) Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-1110
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Dec 2000
Replaces TA-NWT-001110 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: Issue 4 of GR-1110, Broadband Switching System (BSS) Generic Requirements, replaces Issue 3.

    GR-1110 provides the requirements for a Broadband Switching System (BSS) to support the following services on a common Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) platform:

    • Permanent Virtual Connection (PVC) Cell Relay Service
    • Switched Virtual Connection (SVC) Cell Relay Service
    • Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS)
    • PVC Frame Relay Service
    • DS1/DS3 Circuit Emulation Service.
    Requirements are also provided to allow interworking between broadband networks and narrowband networks for some limited capabilities, specifically voice over ATM and n x 64 kbps data over ATM.

    The BSS as defined by the requirements in this GR pertain to an integrated system, i.e., the call control, connection control, and switching fabric functionality are all contained within one physical system. This is in contrast to a modular system where call control, connection control, and the ATM switching fabric functionality are contained in two or more physical systems interconnected by open interfaces.

    The requirements in this GR allow a BSS to act as a local office (i.e., serving users), a tandem office (i.e., switching network facilities), or a combined local/tandem office.

    This document is intended as a central point for all requirements pertaining to a BSS. In some cases, the actual requirements are contained in this GR while, in other cases, this GR simply points to other requirements documents. In particular, this GR provides requirements for
    • ATM switching, including requirements for ATM multicast switching capabilities
    • BSS interfaces, including User-Network Interfaces (UNIs) and intranetwork interswitch interfaces based on DSn and Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) transmission systems
    • Call/connection processing functions such as code interpretation and routing
    • Traffic control and congestion control
    • BSS performance objectives and reliability objectives
    • Usage measurements for billing
    • Service-specific (i.e., PVC Cell Relay Service, SVC Cell Relay Service, SMDS, PVC Frame Relay Service, and DS1/DS3 Circuit Emulation Service) requirements that allow these services to be provided over an ATM connection.
    This issue of GR-1110 replaces Issue 3, December 1999. Telcordia has solicited and received comments from suppliers and potential users. Progress in the ATM/Broadband network standards, and the ATM Forum specifications has provided further input. New considerations relating to Local Exchange Company (LEC) service needs have also been identified.

    As a result of these developments, the following major updates have been made to Section 10 (Usage Information to Support Billing) of Issue 4 of GR-1110:
    • Added requirements for usage measurements for internetwork ATM SPVC connections
    • Added requirements in support of the Network Call Correlation Identifier
    • Added procedures for usage measurements for Transit SVCs
    • Added requirements for usage measurements of Quality of Service Delivered (QoSD)
    • Added procedures for usage measurements of voice services in ATM networks
    GR-1110 replaced FA-NWT-001110, and TA-NWT-001110.

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