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Generic Operations Interface Requirements: ATM Information Model

Document Number GR-1114
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Jan 1999

    ABSTRACT: This document presents proposed generic requirements for operations interfaces used to manage Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Network Elements (NEs). Specifically, this document defines the information model needed to support the exchange of ATM NE management information over a generic operations interface.

    The information model defined here is applicable to operations interfaces that expose an ATM NE view for management, including interfaces between Operations Systems (OS's) and ATM NEs as well as between Network Management Systems (NMS's) and Element Management Systems (EMS's).

    Issue 4 of this document reflects the requirements proposed in GR-1248-CORE, Issue 4. It also reflects progress made in the areas of national and international standards on ATM, such as ATM Forum M4 NE View Requirements and Logical MIB, Version 2, ATM Forum Traffic Management 4.0, and ITU-T Recommendation Q.824.6. Issue 4 also includes, on a separate floppy disk, an ASCII formatted version of the ATM NE information model that may be used as input to an ASN.1 compiler.

    This document completely replaces GR-1114, Issue 3 and its revision.

    GR-1114 replaced TA-NWT-001114.

    When using GR-1114, you may need to refer to GR-1093, GR-1110, GR-1248, and/or GR-1379. You may also want to refer to TR-NWT-000835, GR-836-IMD, TR-TSV-001064, TR-TSV-001235, GR-1253, GR-2897, and GR-2915; ITU-T G.774, I.610, M.3100Q.751.1, Q2752.1, Q824.6, and X.283; ISO/IEC 10164 and 10165; and several ATM Forum documents.

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