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OSSGR: Common Functions (FSD 65-01-0100)

Document Number GR-1173
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Aug 2005

    ABSTRACT: GR-1173 replaced TR-NWT-001173.

    Issue 4 of GR-1173, OSSGR: Common Functions (FSD 65-01-0100), replaces Issue 3.

    GR-1173 details the operator services system functions that are common to multiple services. The operator services system performs several functions common to multiple services when processing various calls. Some functions are required for all services, while others are required only for selected services. This Feature Specific Document (FSD) addresses both categories of common functions.

    The common functions described herein are referenced in the service FSDs. Each function shall be performed at a specific point in the flow of each service, as identified in the service FSDs.

    Issue 3 of GR-1173 incorporated the support of Service Requester ID (SRID parameter(s) in all Core System queries (i.e., Billed Number Screening [BNS], Calling Card [CC], and Originating Line Number Screening [OLNS]) to LIDB, and of Core System processing if it receives the new optional parameter, Wireless Services Originating Indicator (WSOI), in LIDB OLNS responses.

    Issue 4 of GR-1173:

    • Incorporates the background on the numeric RAO code exhaust and the introduction of alphanumeric RAO codes that resulted in industry agreements on the use of Billing Service Provider (BSP) to house the RAO code
    • Adds a definition and explanatory text for the BSP field in LIDB.
    When using GR-1173, you may want to refer to GR-446, GR-506, GR-508, GR-692, GR-954, TR-NWT-001050, GR-1100, GR-1142, GR-1143, GR-1144, TR-NWT-001146, GR-1147, TR-NWT-001148, GR-1149, TR-NWT-001155, GR-1156, GR-1158, TR-NWT-001161, GR-1162, GR-1163, GR-1174, GR-1175, GR-1176, GR-1177, GR-1188, GR-2838, GR-2936, GR-2959, and GR-3697.

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