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OSSGR: Custom Call-Handling Features (FSD 80 Series)

Document Number GR-1176
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Apr 1999
Replaces TR-NWT-001176 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TR-NWT-001176.

    This Generic Requirements document (GR) presents Telcordia's view of generic requirements for the Feature Specific Documents (FSDs) applicable to custom call-handling features. The requirements applicable to the following services are contained in this document: Automated Callback (FSD 80-01-0100), Message Delivery (FSD 80-01-0200), Busy Line Verification (FSD 80-01-0300), Emergency Service (FSD 80-01-0400), Call Completion Service (FSD 80-01-0500), Person Service (FSD 80-01-0600), Operator Services System Handling For Specialized Attendant Groups (FSD 80-01-0800), and IC Denial Check Service (FSD 80-01-0900).

    This document is being issued to:

    • Update the Automatic Message Accounting (AMA) requirements for Busy Line Verification (BLV) and operator interrupt involving terminating inward services.
    • Combine TR-NWT-001176, Issue 1 and TR-NWT-001176, Issue 1, Revisions 2 and 3 (Revision 1 was replaced earlier by Revision 2)
    • Convert TR-NWT-001176 and its revisions to the Telcordia Generic Requirements (GR) format and process. This also includes renumbering all sections in the document (each FSD is now a standalone section).
    The requirements in this document may be used by suppliers as a resource for their development of operator services systems. Effective operator services are the key to providing customers with the best communication possible. GR-1176-CORE and the remainder of the modules give a comprehensive compilation of requirements and objectives that in the Telcordia view, ensure your customers get the best call handling service.

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