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LSSGR: CLASS(SM) Feature: Calling Name Delivery Generic Requirements (FSD 01-02-1070)

Document Number GR-1188
Issue Number 03
Issue Date Apr 2009
Replaces TR-NWT-001188 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: GR-1188 describes the Telcordia view of switching and signaling generic requirements for Calling Name Delivery (CNAM) for residential and small business customers, as well as for Basic Business Group (BBG) and Multiswitch Business Group (MBG) customers. The scope of the features described in this document is limited to conventional lines with more basic groundwork laid for IP-based lines. Calling Name feature specifications for ISDN customers are described in GR-1326, and GR-1367.

    This document contains generic requirements for switching system actions, user interface signaling procedures, and signaling procedures related to SS7 ISDN User Part (ISDNUP) and Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP). Also included are requirements for sending the Dial Tone Service Requester ID (DTSRID) as an optional parameter in Generic Name (GN) queries to the Line Information Database (LIDB). Some existing Name database application generic requirements are covered in GR-1158 and others could be provided in future documentation.

    This issue of GR-1188 introduces the Extended Name (up to 60 characters) that could be useful for applications beyond Caller ID.

    Issue 3 includes the following changes:

    • New requirements for storing and retrieving two new fields: Extended Name (EN) and Extended Name Privacy Indicator
    • The EN and EN Privacy Indicator are not intended to be retrievable via the SS7 Calling Name Query described in this document. These two fields could be retrieved via SS7 GetData (described in GR-2838) or IP-based protocols.
    • A new Section 4, "Extended Name Requirements" has been added to this document.
    This document replaces TR-NWT-001188.

    Issue 3 of GR-1188, CLASS Feature: Calling Name Delivery Generic Requirements (FSD 01-02-1070), replaces Issue 2.

    When using GR-1188, you may need to refer GR-1158, GR-2838, GR-30, GR-391, TR-TSY-000402, GR-31, GR-478, GR-506, TR-NWT-000868, and/or GR-1100. You may also want to refer to GR-215, GR-217, GR-219, GR-227, GR-246, GR-317, GR-394, GR-520, and GR-3697.

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