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Bellcore Operations Systems Security Requirements

Document Number GR-1194
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 1998
Replaces TA-STS-001194 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document provides the Telcordia view of the basic security features that should be provided by an Operations System. These requirements are not specific to any particular Operations System but rather provide baseline requirements that must be refined for a particular Operations System. These requirements may be fulfilled by the Operations System's software or by the underlying Operating System and its associated support systems.

    Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) rely heavily on information processing systems to meet operational, financial, and administrative needs. Because corruption, theft, or unauthorized disclosure could disrupt business operations and finances, legal position, and public confidence, the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of key software systems, databases, and data networks must be protected. Security requirements provide planners, designers, developers, testers, and other personnel involved with conceptualization, production, or maintenance of software to prevent and detect unauthorized use, disclosure, modification or destruction of operations systems' software and data.

    This document provides a set of baseline requirements that specify both secure development procedures and security requirements. These baseline requirements should not be used blindly to constitute the security requirements of any specific operations system. Rather, they should be used as templates to construct specific operations systems security requirements only after performing specific risk and vulnerability analyses. Along with security mechanisms, this GR addresses such topics as risk analysis, system integrity and design, testing, developmental environment, and documentation.

    Note: This product was converted from a TA to a GR, at the expense of Telcordia with no changes to technical content, to bring it into compliance with current GR program and publications standards.

    GR-1194 replaced TA-STS-001194 and FR-7.

    TR-STS-000935, GR-1194, SR-TSV-002257, SR-TSV-002302, SR-TSV-002308, SR-TSV-002309, SR-STS-002310, SR-STS-002254, SR-STS-002261, SR-STS-002262, SR-STS-002263, SR-STS-002323 and SR-STS-002632 were formerly bundled as FR-6 or FR-STS-000006.

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