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Generic Requirements for Network Outdoor Customer Premises, and Universal Cross-Connecting Wire

Document Number GR-126
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Jun 2013
Replaces TA-NWT-000126 Issue02

    GR-126, Issue 2, sets forth the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements applicable to Network Outdoor, Customer Premises, and Universal Cross-Connecting Wire products used in Outside Plant (OSP) huts, cabinets, closures, and Building Entrance Terminals (BETs), and inside customer premises locations.

    The cross-connect wire products detailed in this GR consist of 22, 24, or 26 American Wire Gauge (AWG) insulated conductors arranged as twisted-pair wires, and categorized as Type G (Outdoor), Type F (Customer Premises), or Type N (Universal). The generic requirements in this GR are necessary to meet the minimum operational compatibility or service consistency needs for users of these products.

    This GR covers functional criteria, generic mechanical and electrical requirements, and test methods to help in comparing the products against the stated requirements.

    Issue 2 includes the following changes:

    • Updates test procedures and criteria, and removes outdated cross references.
    • Updates the polyolefin, poly(vinylchloride), and other insulation materials requirements to create functional performance criteria and move away from implicit material-specific requirements.
    • Updates finished wire product requirements and tests.
    • Includes the latest Quality Management System (QMS) philosophy, including ISO 9000 or TL 9000 approaches to product quality and reliability issues.
    • Revises the packaging criteria to harmonize with revisions to other twisted-pair GR documents.
    • Consolidates requirements to cover cross-connect twisted-wire pair products that are used across the whole telecom network, including OSP facilities and inside customer premises/buildings.
    • Provides harmonization and coordination with the new issues of GR-421 and GR-137 and other relevant industry specifications (i.e., UL, ICEA, TL 9000, etc.).

    GR-126, Issue 2, replaces GR-126, Issue 1; and TA-NWT-000126, Generic Requirements for Network Outdoor, Customer Premises, and Universal Cross-Connecting Wire, Issue 1, July 1993.

    When using GR-126, you may need to refer to GR-136, GR-137, GR-421, GR-492, GR-3163, GR-3164, and several ASTM specifications. You may also want to refer to ISO 9000 and 9004 documents.

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