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Analog Display Services Interface (ADSI) SPCS/Server Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-1273
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Aug 1998
Replaces TR-NWT-001273 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This product, GR-1273, provides the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements for the data communications protocol and Stored Program Controlled System (SPCS), e.g., a switching system, or host computer Server end of the Analog Display Services Interface (ADSI).

    This document updates requirements presented in TR-NWT-001273, incorporates clarifications arising from the Telcordia ADSI technical auditing and prototype work, reorganizes material more effectively, and integrates all material from the TR bulletins into the main document.

    GR-1273 supersedes TR-NWT-001273, Analog Display Services Interface (ADSI), and should be used by anyone new to ADSI, or not associated with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

    Because ETSI references specific sections of TR-NWT-001273 in its current edition of publication EN301 71-1,TR-NWT-001273 will continue to be available for individual orders by members of ETSI and those who identify themselves as purchasers of EN301 71-1. This availability will remain in force only until ETSI updates its publication to reflect this or a later version of GR-1273.

    GR-1273 replaced TR-NWT-001273.

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