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27Generic Requirements

Generic Requirements

GR-13 Generic Requirements for Pedestal Terminal ClosuresJan 2008
GR-1309 TSC/RTU and OTAU Generic Requirements for Remote Optical Fiber TestingJun 1995
GR-1310 ISDN Call Deflection for Primary Rate Interfaces Generic RequirementsSep 1996
GR-1312 Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber Amplifiers and Proprietary Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexed SystemsApr 1999
GR-1315 In-Process Quality Metrics Generic RequirementsDec 1997
GR-1323 Supplier Data - Comprehensive Generic RequirementsDec 1995
GR-1326 Generic Requirements for ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) Calling Name Identification ServicesAug 1998
GR-1327 Frame Relay Network Element OperationsApr 1994
GR-1332 Generic Requirements for Data Communication Network SecurityApr 1996
GR-1337 Multipoint Multimedia Conferencing Control UnitNov 1995
GR-1339 Generic Reliability Requirements for Digital Cross-Connect SystemsMar 1997
GR-1343 Generic Requirements for the Automatic Message Accounting Data Networking System (AMADNS)Dec 2003
GR-1344 Operations Generic Criteria for WACS NESMar 1995
GR-1345 Framework Generic Requirements for Element Manager (EM) Applications for SONET SubnetworksDec 2000
GR-1357 Common Channel Signaling Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting Switched DS1/Switched Fractional DS1 Service Capability (SWF-DS1)May 1999
GR-136 Generic Requirements for Distributing Frame WireOct 1995
GR-1364 LSSGR: Switch Processing Time Generic Requirements, Section 5.6Jun 1995
GR-1365 SONET Private Line Service Interface Generic Criteria for End UsersDec 1994
GR-1367 Generic Requirements for ISDN Calling Name Identification Services for Primary Rate InterfaceAug 1997
GR-137 Generic Requirements for Twisted-Pair Metallic Cable Products Used in Telecommunications FacilitiesMay 2013
GR-1371 Phase 1 Frame Relay PVC CNM ServiceApr 1994
GR-1373 Engineering, Installation/Removal Quality System Generic RequirementsJul 2003
GR-1374 SONET Inter-Carrier Interface Physical Layer Generic Criteria For CarriersDec 1994
GR-1379 Frame Relay Service Generic Criteria On Operations Interfaces - Information Model And UsageApr 1994
GR-1380 Generic Requirements for Fusion Splice ProtectorsJul 1994
GR-1397 Generic Requirements for ISDN PRI Call-by-Call Hotel/Motel and Selective Class of Call Screening (SCOCS) Service SelectionsFeb 1998
GR-1399 Generic Requirements for Coaxial Distribution CableAug 1994