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Operations Generic Criteria for WACS NES

Document Number GR-1344
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Mar 1995
Replaces TA-TSV-001344 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document provides the view of Telcordia on functional operations generic criteria for the radio access network elements to support Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to the Public Switched Telephone Network as well as Personal Communications Services (PCS's) Access Services for radio Ports (PASP) based on the Wireless Access Communications System (WACS) Version 0.1 as defined in TR-INS-001313, Generic Criteria for Version 0.1 Wireless Access Communication Systems (WACS).

    The WACS network elements that are managed are the Radio Port Control Unit, the FWA Radio Port, and the FWA Subscriber Unit. GR-2835, Generic Operations Interfaces using OSI Tools - Information Model for WACS RPCU, is a companion to this document and contains the Common Management Information Service Element (CMISE) information model and Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP) messages for the Operations System/Network Element (OS/NE) interface. The name "PACS" is used in place of "WACS" throughout the document since agreements have been reached in the JTC standards body on a PACS air interface standard.

    GR-1344 replaced TA-TSV-001344.

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