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Generic Requirements for Coaxial Distribution Cable

Document Number GR-1399
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Aug 1994
Replaces TR-NWT-001399 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document details the Telcordia view of the generic requirements for Coaxial Distribution Cable intended for use in aerial, underground and buried applications. Coaxial Distribution Cable is constructed with copper-clad aluminum center conductor insulated with a suitable dielectric material. Insulations commonly used are expanded (foamed) polyethylene or periodically placed molded polyethylene discs on the center conductor with air in between. The outer conductor or shield of a coaxial distribution cable consists of an aluminum tube of desired thickness for semi-flexible and semi-rigid applications.

    The outer conductor is covered with a plastic jacket. For underground installations, additional armor may be provided. For corrosion protection, additional corrosion inhibitors could be added to the cable core. Coaxial cables in general do not need messenger wire for aerial applications. However, for increased span length or areas of heavy ice loading and severe wind conditions, a messenger wire is additionally required.

    Revision 1 provides a list of Distribution Coaxial Cables that are considered to be the most popular sizes for the Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) video and broadband networks. In addition, a list of various products is provided, based on attenuation grouping.

    GR-1399 replaced TR-NWT-001399 and TA-NWT-001399.

    When using GR-1399, you may need to refer to GR-421, GR-1503. You may also want to refer to GR-909, andGR-1398.

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