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Compatibility Information for Interconnection of a Wireless Services Provider and a Local Exchange Carrier Network

Document Number GR-145
Issue Number 02
Issue Date May 1998
Replaces TR-NPL-000145 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: This document provides generic technical requirements and protocols for the interconnection of a Wireless Services Provider (WSP) with a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) landline network. This GR describes signals, conditions, and events that generally occur at an interface between a LEC and a WSP. This GR reflects the newer and broader application of interconnection arrangements that apply to the WSP-LEC interface, subject to state and federal regulations. Interconnection changes have occurred with the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. As a result, some LECs are offering interconnection alternatives with varying traffic types, calling scope, and routing. Issue 2 describes connections that were not discussed in Issue 1.

    Issue 2 also describes the implications of Phase 1 of the FCC's plan for Emergency Services wireless calling. This GR describes CLASS features as an example of SS7-specific applications that may be supported between a LEC and a WSP over the Type S interface. It contains a discussion of the FCC-ordered implementation of LNP for LEC and WSP carriers within a specific timetable.

    GR-145 replaced TR-NPL-000145 and CB-146.

    When using GR-145, you may want to refer to GR-246, TR-NPL-000258, GR-268, GR-317, GR-350, TR-EOP-000352, GR-394, TR-TSY-000448, GR-690, TR-TSY-000762, TR-TSY-000860, GR-862, GR-905, GR-1083, TR-NWT-001187, TR-NWT-001268, GR-1277, GR-1411, GR-1428, GR-1434, GR-1504, SR-NWT-001937, SR-NWT-001953, SR-NWT-002120, SR-NWT-002343, SR-NWT-002361, and/or ANSI T1.111 through 114.

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