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LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Screening List Editing (FSD 30-28-0000)

Document Number GR-220
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Apr 2002
Replaces TR-NWT-000220 Issue03

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TR-NWT-000220.

    Screening List Editing (SLE), a Telcordia CLASS feature, allows a customer to build, maintain, and review a list of directory numbers. This list may then be used by other CLASS features, such as Selective Call Forwarding (SCF), Selective Call Rejection (SCR), Selective Call Acceptance (SCA), or Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting (DRCW) to provide special termination treatment to calls received from any of the directory numbers on the list. In addition, SLE allows a customer to perform certain administrative functions associated with a supported feature such as feature activation/deactivation, termination treatment selection, or specification of a remote directory number (i.e., a number to which calls should be forwarded).

    This Generic Requirements document (GR) presents the Telcordia view of generic requirements for the SLE feature. Issue 2 provides conditional requirements to allow service providers to disable the SLE Validation Query. Doing so would allow customers to manually enter inter-SPCS DNs into their screening lists. Note that due to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, SLE Validation Queries to some interLATA DNs may be supported by some service providers.

    When using GR-220, you may need to refer to GR-507, GR-606, GR-1100, GR-505, GR-506, GR-520, GR-524, and/or GR-568. You may also want to refer to GR-31, GR-82, GR-215, GR-217, GR-218, GR-219, GR-227, GR-246, GR-391, GR-567, GR-575, GR-577, GR-675, GR-1188, and/or GR-1251.

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