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Generic Requirements and Design Considerations for Mechanized Distributing Frames

Document Number GR-2525
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Apr 2004

    ABSTRACT: GR-2525, Generic Requirements and Design Considerations for Mechanized Distributing Frames, describes the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements and design considerations for Mechanized Distributing Frames (MDFs). These generic requirements, if applied to any MDF, should meet the needs of a typical communications service provider.

    This document defines the technical and operational requirements for Mechanized/Automated Distributing Frame Systems cross-connect cabling used in the network equipment environments of a typical Local Exchange Carrier (LEC). This document should be used to determine the requirements and suitability for the standardization of these products.

    GR-2525 identifies those systems, units, and devices that will allow remote management (provisioning and maintenance) of a twisted copper pair cross-connect distributing frame. The Mechanized Frames covered in this document are intended for use in a controlled environment such as a Central Office (CO). Generic requirements are also included in the analysis of Mechanized Frames intended for use in uncontrolled remote locations.

    Distributing Frame (DF) Systems cover the entire support infrastructure of DFs including the following within a LEC network:

    • Conventional DFs Horizontal and Vertical, Double-Sided
    • Conventional FS's Single-Sided
    • Universal Modular Distributing Frames w/o Protector Integration
    • Universal Modular Distributing Frames with Integrated Protectors.
    Golden Telephony, meaning the compatibility with existing frame equipment, support must be realized with any new frame deployment. Each frame must be interoperable with existing frame systems and must meet the same performance and reliability criteria as services transported over the existing facility frames today. A LEC's network currently utilizes the following generic types of frames:
    • COSMIC I (CommScope) Modular Frames
    • COSMIC II (CommScope) Modular Frames
    • CODS 2 (Marconi Corp) Modular Frames
    • CAM IV/V (Porta Systems Inc.) Modular Frames
    • DF-300 Type (Thomas & Betts) Modular Frames
    • Conventional 14.5-foot high B-Type double-sided Frames
    • Conventional 11.6-foot high B-Type double-sided Frames
    • Conventional 8.0-foot high B-Type double-sided Frames
    • Conventional 7.6-foot high B-Type single-sided Frames
    • Conventional 7.6-foot high B-Type single-sided Protector Frames
    • Conventional 8.0-foot high double-sided Low Profile Protector Frames
    • High Density Modular Protector Frame.
    This document addresses the new generation of frames that may be required to integrate with these existing manual frame types. A transition support to any new mechanized frame/unit is expected to be developed and supported by the selected manufacturer(s). The products provided to install new frames and augmentations for these existing and new frames would be developed to a common standard Local Exchange Company through the use of a collaborative standardization process.

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