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A View of Packaging, Packing, Palletization, and Marking Requirements

Document Number GR-2759
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Sep 2007
Replaces SR-NWT-2759 Issue03

    ABSTRACT: GR-2759 provides requirements for the preparation and delivery of most hardware products provided to a telecommunications company. It defines the appropriate level of tracking and labeling information; including marking, packing, packaging, and palletization requirements. it also defines the necessary mechanical, electrical, and environmental protection needed to deliver the equipment to a telecommunications company.


    • Helps ensure safe and reliable delivery of products to telecommunications service providers and efficient product tracking and inventory controls
    • Reduces percentage of equipment received damaged from mechanical and electrostatic stress
    • Provides a document that telecommunications service providers can use in procurement contracts to specify requirements for product marking, packing, packaging, and palletization of hardware from their suppliers.
    Key changes from SR-NWT-2759, Issue 3 include the following:
    • Provides detailed references for hazardous material reduction requirements for Europe and China
    • Specifies a requirement to minimize heavy metals in products and packaging and meet requirements of local jurisdictions in this area
    • References the latest marking technologies, including RFID
    • Marking requirements now include two-dimensional (2D) symbol labeling references
    • Contains current references for industry, national and international guidelines, and standards.
    Issue 1 of GR-2759, A View of Packaging, Packing, Palletization, and Marking Requirements, replaces Issue 3 of SR-NWT-2759.

    SR-NWT-2759 replaced TR-TSY-000081 and PUB-53295.

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