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Generic Requirements for Compressed Digital Video Test Sets (DVTS)

Document Number GR-2843
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 1995

    ABSTRACT: As broadband services are brought to the local customer's premises, many service providers are investigating the use of compressed digital video systems. As digital video systems are constructed, test equipment must be available to ensure that the system is working properly.

    A new type of test set, a Digital Video Test Set (DVTS) will examine the compressed digital video data stream to determine if it meets the content and quality standards required by the end equipment. The DVTS may be a mainframe test set with reconfigurable multifunctionality that enables it to be configured to match the needs of the end user, or it may be a single unit that contains built-in multifunctionality.

    This document provides the view of Telcordia on generic requirements and objectives for compressed Digital Video Test Sets (DVTS's) and includes generic functional design criteria, generic mechanical and optical requirements, desired features, and test methods for comparing the product against the stated generic requirements.

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