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Generic Requirements for Fiber Demarcation Boxes

Document Number GR-2898
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Dec 1999

    ABSTRACT: Fiber demarcation boxes provide an interface between the telecommunication provider's network and individual customer cables. Fiber demarcation boxes are typically located on the customer's premises in controlled environments such as building basements or telecommunications equipment closets. However, as demand for field access to fiber networks grows, and as fiber components become more robust, fiber demarcation boxes will become increasingly more common in the outside plant. Fiber demarcation boxes typically provide one or more of the following features or functions: a patch panel for performing fiber rearrangement, interconnect between the telecommunications plant and customer service cables, rack-mountable fiber distributing frame and shelves, fiber test access point, and splice storage and management facility for fiber pigtails.

    GR-2898, Generic Requirements for Fiber Demarcation Boxes, sets for the Telcordia view on generic requirements and design considerations for fiber demarcation boxes to meet the needs of telecommunications network providers.

    Issue 2 reflects comments and suggestions received by users of Issue 1. Information has been reorganized to improve ease of use, and terms and descriptions have been clarified in response to those comments. Additional background information has been added to incorporate FITL descriptive attenuation changes that indicate excessive stress on the optical cable.

    When using GR-2898, you may need to refer to GR-63, GR-209, GR-326, GR-409, GR-454, GR-487, GR-499, GR-769, GR-1081, GR-1435, GR-2834, GR-2836, and GR-2919; ASTM A153, B117, D638, D659, D660, D661, D714, D2197, D2244, D2444, D2794, D2863, D3928, E119, E145, G21, and G53; and UL 94. You may also want to refer to GR-20, GR-449, GR-771, TR-TSY-000843, GR-950, TR-NWT-001121, and/or TR-NWT-001322.

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