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CCS Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting Toll-Free Service Using AIN

Document Number GR-2902
Issue Number 01
Issue Date May 1995

    ABSTRACT: Toll-Free Service is an example of a telephone company Number Service in which a special code, "800, 888, 877, etc.," indicates that the call requires special treatment. The digits following the code determine the routing of the call. It has become necessary to be able to route these toll-free calls to specific Interexchange Carriers (IXCs) or within the telephone company. Such routing varies depending on the arrangements made between the customer and the carriers and may include different routing based on the time of day, day of week, and location at which the call originated.

    This Generic Requirements (GR) document describes the view of Telcordia on the Common Channel Signaling (CCS) network interface between a Local Exchange Carrier's (LEC's) CCS network and an Interconnecting CCS Network (ICN) for the Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) implementation of Toll-Free Service. These ICNs, include, but are not limited to, Interexchange Carriers (IXCs), International Carriers (INCs), Wireless Service Providers (WSPs), and Enhanced Service Providers (ESPs).

    When using GR-2902, you may need to refer to GR-905, GR-1432, GR-2863, and/or GR-2892. You may also want to refer to GR-246, GR-317, GR-394, GR-533, GR-1280, TR-NWT-001284 (canceled), TR-NWT-001285 (canceled), GR-1298, GR-1299, GR-1519, GR-2823, and/or ANSI T1.114.

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