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NEBS: Raised Floor Generic Requirements for Network and Data Centers

Document Number GR-2930
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Jul 2012

    ABSTRACT: Raised floors have been used for decades in supporting electronic equipment in a wide variety of applications, primarily in the data processing and information technology industry. Raised floors typically provide an underfloor space for use either as an air plenum or a cable distribution space. The present applications in the telecommunications industry include support for both network and data center equipment. Existing industry standards covering raised floor designs and applications do not address every concern telecommunication providers have regarding the physical design of raised floor systems when applied to their network and data center spaces. Telecommunication providers' traditional emphasis towards high service reliability requires that additional measures be applied to raised floor designs and often require implementation of special methods for securing equipment in telecommunications environments.

    This GR presents generic engineering requirements for raised floor systems that, if implemented, will provide raised floor assemblies commensurate with the current requirements contained in GR-63, NEBSTM Requirements: Physical Protection, for equipment systems. Equipment qualified to NEBS requirements have demonstrated capability for resistance to physical stresses including shock and vibration loads in those cases where frameworks are secured appropriately to the building. The raised floor requirements in this GR include physical strength, fire resistance, bonding and grounding, and test methods. The requirements help ensure the physical protection of raised floors and the equipment they support.

    GR-2930 is a Telcordia NEBS document that presents generic engineering requirements for raised floors to be used in conjunction with the latest issue of GR-63, NEBS Requirements: Physical Protection.

    GR-2930, Issue 2:

    • Addresses recent changes in the design and use of raised floor systems
    • Presents specifications and layouts for various configurations
    • Includes requirements for physical strength, fire resistance, grounding and bonding, and test methods
    • Helps assure conformance with Telcordia NEBS requirements to provide the physical protection to equipment by the raised floor.
    Issue 2 of GR-2930 replaces Issue 1.

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