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Primary Rate Interface Generic Requirements for Message Waiting Notification

Document Number GR-2942
Issue Number 01
Updates REV01 - Feb 1999
Issue Date Jan 1997

    ABSTRACT: GR-2942, Primary Rate Interface Generic Requirements for Message Waiting Notification, describes the switch requirements for Message Waiting Notification to a Primary Rate client interface. Message Waiting Notification (MWN) is a subfeature of ISDN Message Service, which allows a client user to retrieve stored messages in a Message Storage and Retrieval (MSR) system. The MSR system notifies the client user of waiting messages by communicating through the network to update the client's user's Message Waiting Indicator (MWI). The mechanism for which the network switch updates a client user's MWI is called Message Waiting Notification.

    This document provides the requirements for MWN to PRI Class II CPE (e.g., a PBX or Intelligent Peripheral). In this case, the client user is served by the PRI CPE. Revision 1 to Issue 1 of GR-2942 provides additional requirements for procedures and signaling to support additional Phase II capabilities for providing more useful information to client users about the messages that have been stored at the MSR System, e.g., an indication of the number of waiting messages and of text information for display to ISDN client users along with message waiting notification.

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