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45Generic Requirements

Generic Requirements

GR-30 LSSGR Voiceband Data Transmission Interface, Section 6.6Dec 1998
GR-3000 Generic Requirements for SONET Element Management Systems (EMSs)Nov 1999
GR-3001 Generic Requirements for SONET Network Management Systems (NMSs)Dec 1999
GR-3002 Generic Requirements for Half Ringer (HR) UnitsJun 1998
GR-3003 Generic Requirements For SONET/ATM Network Management Systems (NMSs)Feb 1999
GR-3004 Generic Requirements for the Operations Interface Between Hybrid SONET/ATM Element Management Systems and Network Management SystemsFeb 1999
GR-3006 LSSGR: CLASS (SM) Feature: Audible Voice Identity Delivery (AVID)Apr 2002
GR-3008 OTGR Section 6.9: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - SONET STS-1 and SUB-STS-1 TSC/RTU and DTAU Functional RequirementsDec 1998
GR-3009 Optical Cross-Connect Generic RequirementsDec 2001
GR-301 Public Packet Switched Network Generic Requirements (PPSNGR)Dec 1997
GR-3010 Configuration Management Based on the Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) ArchitectureJun 2001
GR-3011 Generic Requirements for the Real-Time Usage Data Delivery System (RUDDS)Dec 2000
GR-3012 Generic Requirements for Network Interconnection Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) Link Monitoring System (LMS) Automatic Message Accounting (AMA)Dec 2000
GR-3013 Generic Reliability Assurance Requirements for Optoelectronic Devices Used in Short-Life, Information-Handling Products and EquipmentDec 1999
GR-3014 Traffic Performance Management Based on the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) ArchitectureDec 1999
GR-3015 RTPFR: Generic Requirements for the Signaling System 7 (SS7) Release to Pivot (RTP) Phase II Network CapabilityAug 2001
GR-3016 RTPFR:Operator Services Generic Requirements for the Use of Signaling System 7 (SS7) Release to Pivot (RTP) Phase II Network CapabilityAug 2001
GR-3017 Generic Requirements for an AIN-Based Implementation of E9-1-1 ServiceDec 2002
GR-3018 Generic Requirements for Customer Moves of ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ServiceJan 2000
GR-3019 OTGR: Generic Sections and Keywords Specification for Use With GR-740-COREMar 2000
GR-3020 Telcordia Generic Requirements for Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries in the Outside Plant (OSP)Jul 2023
GR-3021 Generic Requirements for CCS Nodes Supporting M2PA IP-Based Virtual High Speed Signaling Links (IPVHSLs)Dec 2002
GR-3022 CCS Network Interface Specification to Support Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) over ATM/IPDec 2001
GR-3023 ISDN PRI: Originating Location Information for Emergency Calls - Generic Requirements.Oct 2000
GR-3024 Generic Requirements for Security of CORBA-Based Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) TransactionsJun 2001
GR-3025 Generic Requirements for Security of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Supporting Telecommunications Management Network (TMN)Aug 2001
GR-3026 Generic Requirements for Security for SNMP-Based Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) InterfacesOct 2001
GR-3028 Thermal Management In Telecommunications Central Offices: Thermal GR-3028Dec 2001
GR-3029 CCSNIS Supporting Network Interconnection Using IP-Based Virtual High Speed Signaling Links (IPVHSLs)Dec 2001
GR-303 Integrated Digital Loop Carrier System Generic Requirements, Objectives, and InterfaceDec 2000
GR-303-IMD Integrated Digital Loop Carrier Generic Operations Interface (Formerly TR-TSY-000303, Supplement 3)Dec 1998
GR-3031 Generic Requirements for Indoor Electronic Equipment CabinetsDec 2014
GR-3032 Interactions Between Generic Requirements Documents GR-3108, GR-487, and GR-950Dec 2014
GR-3033 Generic Requirements for Indoor and Outdoor Battery Backup CabinetsDec 2014
GR-3051 Voice over Packet: NGN Call Connection Agent Generic RequirementsApr 2001
GR-3053 Voice over Packet (VoP): Next Generation Network (NGN) Signaling Gateway Generic RequirementsFeb 2000
GR-3054 Voice over Packet: NGN Trunk Gateway Generic RequirementsMar 2000
GR-3055 Voice over Packet: NGN Access Gateway Generic RequirementsMar 2000
GR-3058 Next Generation Networks (NGN) Accounting Management Generic Requirements - Including Conversion Guide for 3GPP CDRs to AMA RecordsDec 2012
GR-3059 Generic Requirements for Voice over Packet End-to-End PerformanceMar 2000
GR-3060 Framework Generic Requirements for Voice over Packet (VoP) Network ServicesApr 2000
GR-3061 VoP: NGN Customer Gateway Framework Generic RequirementsMay 2001
GR-3062 VoP: NGN Network Mediation Gateway Framework Generic RequirementsMay 2001
GR-3070 Voice over Packet: NGN Element Management System (EMS) Generic RequirementsMar 2000
GR-3071 VoP Element Management System (EMS) - Network Management System (NMS) Interface Generic RequirementsOct 2001