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LSSGR: CLASS (SM) Feature: Audible Voice Identity Delivery (AVID)

Document Number GR-3006
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Apr 2002

    ABSTRACT: Audible Voice Identity Delivery (AVID) is an originating Stored Program Control switching System (SPCS) feature that allows customers to leave a recording (e.g., name and number) for a called party who either did not answer the call attempt or whose line is busy. The recording will be stored for a LEC-settable time period by the AVID system. During this time, the AVID system will periodically attempt to complete a call to the called party in an effort to deliver the recording. Once delivery has been successful or the specified storage period has ended, the recording will be deleted from the AVID system.

    This Generic Requirements document (GR) contains the proposed generic requirements that Telcordia and funding participants believe are necessary for the feature to function as intended. It includes generic requirements related to the originating SPCS, the AVID system, the interface between the originating SPCS and the AVID system, and interactions between AVID and existing features.

    When using GR-3006, you may need to refer to GR-505, GR-506, GR-507, GR-283, GR-317, GR-394, GR-472, GR-474, GR-478, GR-820, GR-822, GR-866, GR-1100, TR-NWT-001268, and/or GR-2948. You may want to refer to GR-2859.

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