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OTGR: Generic Sections and Keywords Specification for Use With GR-740-CORE

Document Number GR-3019
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 2000

    ABSTRACT: Issue 1 of GR-3019, OTGR: Generic Sections and Keywords Specification for Use With GR-740.

    GR-3019 provides a common frame of reference for discussion with potential applications developers of EMS-NDC/OS interfaces for Network Data Collection (NDC) by describing proposed sections and keywords for traffic data collection. It also contains the sections and keywords for traffic data collection using messages defined in the GR-740 interface for object-oriented information models for the following Network Elements (NEs): Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switches, Time Division Multiplexing/Asynchronous Transfer Mode (TDM/ATM), Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (DSLAM), and Service Access Multiplexers (SAM). These sections and keywords support the collection and processing of traffic measurement data in a Network Data Collection Operations System (NDC OS).

    GR-740 defines interface requirements for traffic data collection. Traffic data collection in this interface is based on sections and keywords. Generally, sections are a collection of traffic measurements for a type of NE resource, while keywords are the names of the measurements in the section.

    In addition to the requirements for all the layers in the communication stack, GR-740 defines the format for messages exchanged between the Network Element (NE) or the Element Management System (EMS) and the NDC OS. Fundamentally, GR-740 is a binary interface where the interpretation of each message is based on the value and position of each byte in the message.

    GR-740 includes interface messages that support data collection from NEs or EMS's using an object-oriented information model. The messages "15-Minute Data with Object-Oriented Header Poll," "15-Minute Data with Object-Oriented Header," "30-Minute Data with Object-Oriented Header Poll" and "30-Minute Data with Object-Oriented Header" are tailored for periodic polled reporting. These messages support the identification of all objects in the information model that are related to the traffic data collected. The "Object-Oriented Header" supports the placement of object identifiers in the section headers, such that the representational effectiveness of the interface is enhanced. Appendix A shows an example of NE traffic data collection using the GR-740 object-oriented messages.

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