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Generic Requirements for Security for SNMP-Based Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) Interfaces

Document Number GR-3026
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Oct 2001

    ABSTRACT: This Generic Requirements document (GR) provides information and security requirements for deploying Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) in a TMN environment. SNMP is currently installed in many operator's networks; however, it has yet to be accepted as a standard TMN network management protocol. Because of its presence, it already has become a critical application within the TMN. Since the TMN will continue to evolve, it is expected that it will have to deal with multiple versions of the SNMP protocol. Since there are several different SNMP protocol stacks, GR-3026-CORE provides requirements for several networking scenarios, which include

    Where SNMPv1 and/or SNMPv2 are already in operation within the TMN, GR-3026-CORE provides requirements and best practices to properly utilize the basic security features provided with SNMPv1.

    Requirements are also provided for implementing IPSec and TLS to protect SNMP protocol messages. IPSec potentially can be used to protect all versions of SNMP.

    Requirements are also provided for SNMP Version 3 Using TLS Security Services, which addresses requirements for a connection-oriented communications protocol and specifies how to use TLS to provide the required security services.

    Additionally, requirements are provided for implementing SNMPv3 using User-Based Security Model (USM).

    When using GR-3026, you may need to refer to GR-815, ANSI T1.233, ANSI T1.243, ANSI T1.254, ANSI T1.261 and/or IETF RFCs 2573, 2575, 2401, 2402, 2406, 2409, 2522, and 2574. You may also want to refer to GR-3025.

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