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Voice over Packet (VoP): Next Generation Network (NGN) Signaling Gateway Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-3053
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Feb 2000

    ABSTRACT: This document provides generic requirements applicable to Signaling Gateways (SGWs) in Voice over Packet (VoP) Next Generation Networks (NGNs). The SGW provides signaling connectivity between a Signaling System Number 7 (SS7) signaling network and a VoP network.

    This GR is one in a set of GRs for the operation of VoP in NGNs. The SGW requirements are based on the VoP network architecture assumptions described in GR-3051. Specifically, this document describes the functional requirements for the SS7 interface, packet network interface, management interworking between the SS7 and packet network, and interaction between the SGW and the Call Connection Agent (CCA) in the VoP network. Also, an overview of the VoP network management strategy and detailed functional operations requirements needed to be supported by an SGW are specified.

    When using GR-3053, you may need to refer to GR-63, GR-246, GR-474, TR-TSY-000824, TR-TSY-000825, ANSI T1.111.4, IYU-T X.731, GR-826 and/or IETF SIGTRAN protocols. You may also want to refer to GR-3010, GR-3051, GR-3054, GR-3055, GR-3058, GR-3059, GR-3060, GR-3070, SR-4717, IETF RFC 2598, ITU-T M.3010, and/or ITU-T X.751.1.

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