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Voice over Packet: NGN Access Gateway Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-3055
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 2000

    ABSTRACT: Issue 1 of GR-3055, Voice over Packet: NGN Access Gateway Generic Requirements, describes the architecture, interfaces, and functionality of the Access Gateway (AGW) component of a Voice over Packet (VoP) network. The Access Gateway is an edge vehicle component of the VoP architecture that enables existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) line-side devices such as voice-grade analog station equipment, Integrated Digital Services Network (ISDN) Basic and Primary Rate connecting equipment, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) switching systems, Key Telephone Systems (KTS), and Integrated Digital Loop Carrier (IDLC) Remote Digital Terminals (RDTs) to be used transparently with a VoP core packet transport network.

    These generic criteria specify the operation of the device interface, signaling management, and user-information path-control functions of the VoP Access Gateway. The intent is to ensure the interoperability of the components of the PSTN and VoP networks, without constraining the implementation choices available to the manufacturer. The generic requirements describe physical layer termination and real-time control functions for connecting PSTN devices to the VoP network. The requirements also describe AGW interactions with the Call Connection Agent (CCA) and the procedures for transporting user information and associated signaling and control information over the core packet network.

    Essentially, GR-3055 provides generic requirements to enable existing tip and ring POTS customers to connect to services and capabilities of VoP networks. The Access Gateway requirements also support T1 interfaces to PBXs, GR-303 Interfaces to Remote Digital Terminals, and ISDN Basic and Primary Rate Users with Natonal ISDN interface capabilities.

    When using GR-3055, you may need to refer to GR-30, GR-63, GR-253, GR-303, TR-NWT-000393, TR-NWT-000397, GR-454, GR-474, GR-477, GR-485, GR-505, GR-506, GR-507, GR-511, GR-518, TR-TSY-000754, GR-793, GR-820, TR-TSY-000821, GR-823, TR-TSY-000824, GR-826, TR-TSY-000829, GR-839, GR-840, GR-844, TR-NWT-001112, TR-NWT-001219, GR-1248, and TR-NWT-001268. You may also want to refer to ANSI T1.403; ATM Forum af-sig-0061.000; ITU-T G.168, and Q.703; IETF RFC 768, RFC 791, RFC 1340, RFC 1889, RFC 2598, draft RFC draft-ietf-sigtran-sctp-04, and draft RFC draft-ietf-sigtran-iua-00.

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