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Voice over Packet: NGN Element Management System (EMS) Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-3070
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 2000

    ABSTRACT: Issue 1 of GR-3070, Voice over Packet: NGN Element Management System (EMS) Generic Requirements, describes the functionality and interfaces for a Voice over Packet (VoP) Element Management System (EMS). The VoP EMS will operate at the Element Management Layer (EML) of the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) architecture. In general, this layer has responsibility for functions such as control and coordination of VoP Functional Elements (FEs), providing a gateway to VoP FEs for the Network Management Layer (NML) and higher layers, and maintenance of statistics and history pertaining to the VoP FEs.

    More specifically, this document details a set of "generic" functional requirements on a VoP EMS to support the management of VoP networks and services. GR-3070 provides network management generic requirements that are common across the VoP FEs as well as requirements for network management interfaces to each of the VoP FEs and the VoP Billing Agent. In addition, this document specifies network management functional requirements specific to each of the VoP FEs across the Configuration Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, and Security Management functional areas.

    This document is intended to be used as a functional and interface requirements reference in the design and implementation of a VoP EMS. Additionally, the document can be employed for testing and verification of the EMS functions and interfaces. To demonstrate the potential use of the requirements provided in this document, GR-3070 also details several example operations scenarios.

    When using GR-3070, you may need to refer to GR-246, GR-253, GR-303, GR-477, GR-815, TR-TSY-000821, GR-820, GR-822, GR-823, TR-NWT-001112, GR-1248, and ITU-T X.736. You may also want to refer to GR-2869, GR-3010, GR-3051, GR-3053, GR-3054, GR-3055, GR-3058, GR-3059, GR-3060, GR-3070, and SR-4717; ITU-T H.248, M.3010, and M.3100; and IETF RFC 1006, RFC 1157, RFC 1573, RFC 1643 RFC 1902, RFC 1903, RFC 1904, RFC 1905, RFC 1906, RFC 1907, and RFC 2598.

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