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VoP Element Management System (EMS) - Network Management System (NMS) Interface Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-3071
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Oct 2001

    ABSTRACT: This Generic Requirements (GR) document provides an information model definition that supports the Voice over Packet (VoP) Element Management System (EMS) to Network Management System (NMS) interface. It contains both a logical model and the associated CORBA IDL interface definition in support of the VoP EMS-NMS management interface. This GR provides a set of "generic" requirements on the interactions between a VoP NMS and VoP EMSs that manage Call Connection Agents (CCAs), Signaling Gateways (SGWs), Trunk Gateways (TGWs), and Access Gateways (AGWs).

    GR-3071 is intended to be used as an interface requirements reference in the design and implementation of the Voice over Packet EMS and NMS. Additionally, this GR can be employed for testing and verification of the VoP EMS-NMS interface functions.

    The following industry communities are potential users of these requirements:

    • VoP network element suppliers wanting to develop, test, and package EMS-NMS functionality with VoP network equipment
    • Third-party software providers wanting to develop and test EMS-NMS functionality for single or multi vendor VoP network equipment
    • VoP network and service providers wanting requirements to drive the evaluation, selection, and testing of network element supplier equipment.

    • When using GR-3071, you may want to refer to GR-3051, GR-3053, GR-3054, GR-3055, GR-3070.

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