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Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) Over ATM/IP Switching Systems Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-3100
Issue Number 03
Issue Date Dec 2001

    ABSTRACT: Issue 3 of GR-3100, Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) over ATM/IP Switching Systems Generic Requirements, replaces Issue 2.

    GR-3100 provides the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements for the use of the Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) protocol for signaling between Serving Nodes (SNs) to establish and release a call over an ATM or IP backbone network in which the call control signaling and bearer control signaling are separated. Between SNs, the control of ATM bearers is provided by the ATM Forum User Network Interface specification, Version 4.0 (UNI 4.0) and Private Network-Network Interface, Version 1.0 (PNNI 1.0) signaling protocols. The IP bearer connection associated with the call is set up using the BICC IP Bearer Control Protocol, draft ANSI T1.ipbcp which is tunneled in the BICC call control messages between the SNs using the BICC Bearer Control Tunneling Protocol, draft ANSI T1.bctp. BICC is an adaptation of the narrowband ISDN User Part (ISUP) for the support of narrowband ISDN services independent of the bearer technology and signaling message transport technology used.

    This document represents current views based, in part, on existing and evolving industry standards related to BICC. This document, wherever possible, points to specific requirements already listed in other Telcordia generic requirements documents or to industry standards.

    This document provides requirements for the following two types of SNs: Interface Serving Node (ISN) and Gateway Serving Node (GSN). For the support of BICC at the end office, the ISN [Originating SN (O-SN) and Destination SN (D-SN)] provides an interface to the access networks and supports interworking with various legacy access protocols (e.g., DTMF, ISDN). For the support of BICC at the tandem level, the ISN [Originating ISN (O-ISN) and Destination ISN (D-ISN)] also provides an interface to the circuit-switched networks (e.g., PSTN, ISDN) using ISUP. The GSN provides inter network gateway functionality, for call and bearer, using the BICC protocol.

    This document includes procedures to support calls between client company networks and other Interconnecting Networks (ICNs). These ICNs include Interexchange Carriers (IXCs); International Carriers (INCs); and other Local Exchange Carriers (LECs), including Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs). This document provides requirements for the BICC signaling protocol independent of the network used for its transport. In addition, this document provides high-level bearer control signaling requirements for ATM/IP bearer setup and release.

    Issue 3 of GR-3100-CORE reflects additions to Section 2 in support of BICC at end office, and revisions to Section 3 in support of protocol alternatives for transporting BICC messages between BICC network elements. Additionally, Issue 3 includes additions to Section 5 to include IP bearer setup call flows, additions of new requirements in Section 5 in support of BICC at end office, and new requirements in Section 5 in support of calls over IP bearer. Issue 3 also includes additions to Section 6 in support of operation of the BICC protocol with IP Bearer Control Protocol, and additions in support of establishment and release of IP bearer connections. Additions to Section 9 in support of BICC evolution, BICC capability sets (e.g., CS 1, CS 2), and industry status (ITU-T and T1S1) are also included, as well as additions and changes in Appendixes A, B, and C reflecting support of IP bearer, and alignment with ANSI BICC CS 1+ specifications.

    When using GR-3100, you may need to refer to GR-317, GR-394, and TR-NWT-000444. You may also need to refer to GR-246 and GR-606; ANSI T1.113, T1.672, T1.673 (replaced draft T1.bicccs1-+), T1.676 (replaced draft T1.ipbcp), and T1.677 (replaced draft T1.bctp); ATM Forum af-cs-vmoa-0146.000, af-pnni-0055.000, and af-sig-0061.000; and ITU-T Q.765.5, Q.1901, Q.1902.1, Q.1912.1, Q1970, Q.1990, and Q.2140.

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