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Line Information Database (LIDB) Enhanced Expanded Measurement (EEM) Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-3104
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 2000

    ABSTRACT: GR-3104 describes the Line Information Database (LIDB) Enhanced Expanded Measurement (EEM) capability and the EEM interface between the LIDB and the Fraud Monitoring System (FMS). The EEM data is used by the FMS to detect trends in calling patterns that indicate fraudulent use.

    The LIDB EEM capability generates measurement data and transmits it to the FMS over the EEM interface. The EEM interface specified in this document uses Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) as the Transport Service. The User Program Layer (UPL) is specified as optional support for the EEM interface. This document also specifies the formats of EEM messages, including Detailed Measurement Message, Aggregate Measurement Message, and Keep-Alive Message.

    Legacy systems may use levels 1 to 3 of the X.25 protocol as the Transport Service. For information regarding the X.25 EEM interface, please refer to the Telcordia document, SR-4451, EEM Interface Specifications.

    When using GR-3104, you may want to refer to TR-NWT-000029, TA-STS-000298, GR-1158, GR-2838, SR-4451, ITU-T X.208, TA-STS-000298ITU-T X. 209, IETF RFC 791, and/or IETF RFC 793.

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