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Generic Requirements for Copper Cross-Connect Cabinets

Document Number GR-3115
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Jun 2016

    GR-3115 outlines the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements for copper cross-connect cabinets. These complete and up-to-date generic requirements provide a suitable environment for telephone company cross-connects used in an outside plant environment.

    GR-3115, Issue 2, incorporates the latest requirements from GR-487, Generic Requirements for Electronic Equipment Cabinets, and includes requirements for cross-connect cabinets that may be used to house electronics or passive fiber optic components. The September update provides new information on additional passive fiber optic components and field adjunct cabinets.

    GR-3115 includes the following subject areas:

    • Environmental Test Criteria
    • Mechanical Test Criteria
    • Electrical Test Criteria.

    The detailed requirements in Issue 2 cover product samples, materials, finish, quality, installation and maintenance, safety and reliability, and more.

    GR-3115 benefits manufacturers of cross-connect cabinets in relation to product development and implementation, and provides one complete source for their building requirements, which can save thousands of dollars in research and development costs. This GR also provides end users with the confidence in knowing that all bases have been covered in the manufacturing process.
    When using GR-3115, you may want to refer to GR-487, GR-3108, TR-NWT-001075, TR-NWT-000975, TR-NWT-001195, GR-126, GR-492, GR-421, GR-2836, GR-839, and GR-63, as well as various standards documents.

    GR-3115-CORE, Issue 2, replaces GR-3115-CORE, Issue 1.

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