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Emergency Service Zone (ESZ) Routing Database (ERDB) Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-3119
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Oct 2008

    ABSTRACT: Issue 4 of GR-3119, Emergency Service Zone (ESZ) Routing Database (ERDB) Generic Requirements, replaces Issue 3.

    The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) has been active in the definition of a suite of solutions to enable emergency calls originated by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) users to be routed to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the geographic location from which the call was originated. The Long Term Definition (LTD) Working Group (WG) of NENA has identified high-level requirements and developed an architecture for an end-to-end Internet Protocol (IP) solution. The VoIP Migratory Working Group (VMWG) of NENA has defined a near-term solution that provides for migration toward the long-term view, while making use of the existing conventional E9-1-1 System Service Provider infrastructure. This is referred to as the i2 Solution. The NENA i2.5 Working Group (WG) has been working to update the i2 Solution to address gaps in the i2 Solution definition, and to reflect industry requests for changes and enhancements to the i2 Solution. In the i2 Solution, it has been assumed that a VoIP Service Provider (VSP) will participate in the handling of emergency call originations. The i2 Solution is expected to support the basic E9-1-1 Service capabilities that are available to wireline and wireless customers today, while minimizing the impact on the E9-1-1 System Service Provider infrastructure and PSAPs.

    The i2 Solution defined by the NENA VMWG and updated by the NENA i2.5 WG includes a number of new functional elements to enable the routing of VoIP-originated emergency calls and the delivery of the associated call and location-related information to the PSAP. One critical network element that is involved in selectively routing the VoIP emergency call is the Emergency Service Zone (ESZ) Routing Database (ERDB).

    GR-3119 provides generic requirements for an Emergency Services Zone (ESZ) Routing Database (ERDB) to support VoIP-originated calls. It includes:

    • Functional requirements for the ERDB
    • Interface requirements for the interfaces supported by the ERDB
    • Data management requirements
    This document provides specifications for a new Emergency Service Zone Routing Data Base (ERDB) element used to support location-based routing of VoIP emergency calls to an appropriate interconnection point with the emergency services infrastructure in the NENA i2 Solution. It may be of use to operators and suppliers of ERDB elements in developing and deploying the ERDB, and also to the Public Safety community.

    This new element is a critical component of the NENA i2 Solution for support of VoIP emergency calling. Without this component, VoIP emergency calls are today routed to non-emergency lines, causing delays in service to VoIP callers and impacting Public Safety call answering policies and procedures.

    Issue 4 includes:
    • Updates throughout to describe procedures related to the delivery of geo-coded location information on emergency calls where geo-based default routing was applied at the ERDB
    • Updates to reflects the modifications made to the mechanisms for ERDB steering by the NENA i2.5 WG
    • Updates to bring the v8 interface definition into alignment with current definitions provided in the draft update to NENA 08-001
    • Modifications to align the terminology used in this document with the terminology used in the draft update to NENA 08-001.
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    When using GR-3119, you may want to refer to GR-3118, GR-350, GR-2956, GR-3112, GR-3129, GR-3130, and GR-3156 as well as various NENA documents and various other industry standards.

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