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Generic Requirements for a Factory-Installed Termination System (FITS)

Document Number GR-3122
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Oct 2006

    ABSTRACT: A Factory Installed Termination System (FITS) includes field-deployed products that are preassembled in the factory. Normally, cables, cable assemblies, cross-boxes, closures, and distribution hubs are shipped to a work site and then assembled in the field.

    A FITS system would send a completed, distribution-feeder cabling network on a reel directly from the factory with an overmold that breakouts the distribution cable to a drop cable, and may have a hardened fiber optic connector and a stub terminal closure. The result is significant cost savings in construction, and improved reliability and operation.

    Issue 1 of GR-3122 includes:

    • Proposed generic requirements for a Factory Installed Termination System (FITS). The requirements are intended to review products and systems for installation and application in a typical outside plant environment.
    • Mechanical, environmental, electrical, and conditional requirements
Additionally, GR-3122 is the only industry document that includes criteria and test methods for the analysis of a FITS. This document will allow users to select and compare FITS from various vendors and determine their usability and reliability in the field.

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