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Generic Requirements for Secondary Non-Aqueous Lithium Batteries

Document Number GR-3150
Issue Number 03
Issue Date Jan 2015

    GR-3150 presents the Telcordia and participating industry representatives' view of proposed generic criteria for large format non-aqueous rechargeable lithium batteries intended to replace or interoperate with conventional batteries (i.e., lead-acid and nickel based), function seamlessly with DC power plants, and provide reliable backup power to load equipment located in a network environment of a typical telecommunications service provider.

    This standard addresses lithium batteries comprising non-aqueous liquid or polymerized electrolytes. Lithium batteries compliant with the criteria in this document are recommended for deployment in the Outside Plant (OSP) at locations such as Controlled Environmental Vaults (CEVs), Electronic Equipment Enclosures (EEEs), and huts, and in uncontrolled structures such as cabinets.

    The objective of this GR is to:

    • Simplify the complexities associated with product introduction, qualification, and deployment by providing a common framework for evaluating and qualifying various lithium battery technologies.
    • Help ensure robust battery design and manufacturing early in the product's life cycle.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of protection circuitry.
    • Ensure that lithium-ion battery end users have detailed, battery-specific hazardous material information plus appropriate fire-fighting procedures to meet federal, state, or local regulatory requirements, and to protect employees and surrounding equipment.
    • Provide functional design and technical guidelines for this new technology.
    • Present commentaries that address the complexities of assessing lithium-battery service life.

    Issue 3 of GR-3150 modifies the test procedures and conformance expectations for the following topics:
    • Fire Propagation and Project Hazard Characterization.
    • 16-Foot Free-Fall Shock.
    • Crush.

    GR-3150 does not address or define criteria for:
    • Lithium battery subsystem design and specification.
    • Recommended practices for the installation, maintenance, and replacement of lithium batteries.
    • Methodology to evaluate lithium battery life.

    GR-3150, Generic Requirements for Secondary Non-Aqueous Lithium Batteries, Issue 3, replaces Issue 2.

    When using GR-3150, you may want to refer to GR-63, GR-78, GR-474, GR-1089, GR-3108, and TA-NWT-000406.

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