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Generic Requirements for Single/Bundled Microducts and In-Living Unit (ILU) Cable Pathways

Document Number GR-3155
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Dec 2014

    This Generic Requirements document (GR) sets forth the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements and design considerations for (1) single and bundled microduct products for telecommunications cables; and (2) In-Living Unit (ILU) fiber cable pathway products designed with an integral adhesive for surface mounting to walls and hallways. The term microduct as used in this GR refers to both standard microduct applications and jetted innerduct microduct products. The term ILU product as used in this GR covers self-adhesive cable pathway products designed for surface mounting in apartments, houses, condominiums, schools, hospitals, hotels, and small businesses.

    GR-3155 addresses microduct systems performance issues that need to be evaluated to help ensure the successful deployment of microducts for telecommunications cable applications in residential, intrabuilding, and Outside Plant (OSP) applications. It describes microduct products that provide for safe, flexible, lightweight, durable, and easy-to-install pathways to deploy cables inside a building. The technical changes in GR-3155, Issue 2 include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Expanded coverage of microduct sizes.
    • Multi-microduct products.
    • Movement away from material-specific requirements to functional performance requirements, where practical.
    • Expanded accessories section to include breakout or splice boxes.
    • The addition of the diameter Slug Test.
    • Revised Quality Management System (QMS) information, requirements criteria, and test procedures.
    • Expanded microduct size range.

    This GR addresses the critical functional parameters of concern for those companies that are considering the purchase and deployment of conduits, ducts, and microduct products. It is intended for the use of Telecommunications Service Providers (TSPs), equipment manufacturers, and suppliers.

    GR-3155, Generic Requirements for Single/Bundled Microducts and In-Living Unit (ILU) Cable Pathways, replaces Issue 1.

    When using GR-3155, you may want to refer to GR-356.

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