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Universal Emergency Routing Control Point (UERCP) Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-3156
Issue Number 03
Issue Date Feb 2009

    ABSTRACT: Issue 3 of GR-3156, Universal Emergency Routing Control Poiont (UERCP) Generic Requirements, replaces Issue 2.

    The network architectures and capabilities that E9-1-1 Service providers support must satisfy current customer needs as well as support anticipated enhancements to existing E9-1-1 functionality brought about by evolving technologies and changes in the regulatory environment. In addition, it is desirable that the evolution of E9-1-1 architectures service providers are considering also reduce operational costs by consolidating required functionality where possible.

    This document describes the functionality for a network element, the Universal Emergency Routing Control Point (UERCP) that is expected to play a key role in supporting emergency calling as E9-1-1 Service architectures evolve. GR-3156 describes the functions and interfaces that must be supported by a UERCP to allow it to provide critical location-based routing functionality in support of legacy, i2, and i3 Solution E9-1-1 Service architectures. This document also addresses the functions and interfaces that need to be supported by the UERCP to process and respond to requests for routing information received from legacy Selective Routers and i2 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Positioning Centers (VPCs), as well as Internet Protocol (IP) endpoints, VoIP Service Provider (VSP) routing proxies, Emergency Services Routing Proxies (ESRP), and i3 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

    Issue 3 reflects the following updates:

    • Modifications to align terminology in this GR with draft i2 specification NENA 08-001, Issue 2
    • Updates throughout to describe procedures related to the delivery of geo-coded location information on emergency calls where geo-based default routing was applied at the UERCP
    • Updates to bring the v8 interface definition into alignment with current definitions in draft NENA 08-001, Issue 2
    • Updates to bring the LoST interface definition into alignment with IETF RFC 5222.
    When using GR-3156, you may want to refer to GR-350, GR-815, GR-1298, GR-1299, GR-2956, GR-3017, GR-3112, GR-3118, GR-3119, GR-3129, GR-3130, GR-3157, as well as various industry standards documents.

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