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Generic Requirements for Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Fiber Distribution Terminals

Document Number GR-3161
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 2008

    ABSTRACT: GR-3161, Generic Requirements for Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Fiber Distribution Terminals, outlines the Telcordia proposed generic requirements for Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Fiber Distribution Terminals (FDTs) intended to house passive telecommunications components. This document covers indoor and outdoor Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Fiber Distribution Terminals (FDTs) products that have either a plastic or metallic housing. The MDU terminal is a wall-mounted interconnect housing for multiple dwelling units, such as an apartment building or apartment complex with typically 48 customers or less. The MDU products serve as a passive interface between the telecommunications provider's feeder network and their individual distribution cables serving their customers. MDU terminals are sometimes referred to as fiber distributing hubs or service access terminals, and they perform a similar function as the traditional telephone network Building Entrance Terminal (BET) does for copper networks. In addition, the MDU terminal serves as a convenient test access point to verify the integrity of the service provider network and the customer equipment.

    This document contains all the general, electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements for MDU terminal closure products. This document may be referred to by major service providers as the base requirements for these products. This GR contains requirements and test methods in one document.

    GR-3161 would help users, suppliers, and manufacturers properly access, test and review MDU terminal closure products. By identifying issues in the testing phase, millions of dollars in field issues can be avoided.

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