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Generic Requirements for Metallic Telecommunications Service and Distribution Drop Wires

Document Number GR-3163
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Feb 2018
Replaces GR-1069 Issue00

    GR-3163 provides generic requirements for service and distribution drop wires deployed in aerial and direct-buried plant applications. These drop wires are designed to connect the customer premises with the exchange feeder cable at a terminal block or remote closure facility. This document covers the functional performance requirements for these telecommunications wires, and specifically covers the conductors, insulation, core assembly, strength and support members, and jackets, along with the electrical and mechanical performance requirements for the completed wire products.

    Issue 2 of GR-3163 includes:

    • Removal of the requirement for live animal testing to determine gopher resistance
    • Broadening of allowed materials by using functional performance tests to replace material-specific tests for wire components
    • Harmonization with GR-421 and other industry specifications
    • Consolidation of several metallic wire documents into a single telecommunications metallic wire document to facilitate ease of use
    • Requirements designed to encourage material and wire design innovation, while maintaining high reliability of current metallic wire products supplied to the telecommunications industry.

    When using GR-3163, you many want to refer to GR-421, and GR-209 as well as various industry standards documents.

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