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Generic Requirements for Metallic Telecommunications Premises Wires

Document Number GR-3164
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jul 2009
Replaces TR-NWT-000134 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: GR-3164 is the only industry document that covers the full range of inside wires used in customer premises.

    Issue 1 of GR-3164-CORE, Generic Requirements for Metallic Telecommunications Premises Wires presents the Telcordia view of generic requirements applicable for inside wires used to interconnect equipment within customer premises, buildings, or structures. These wires are used in relatively short runs of a few hundred feet although they may be longer in large complexes or multi-story buildings.

    This document covers mechanical and electrical generic requirements for insulated telecommunications cables and covers conductors, insulation, core assembly, optional foil screens, jackets, and the electrical and mechanical performance requirements for the completed wire products.

    GR-3164 provides a single document that covers generic requirements for the full range of inside wires used in customer premises (single-family residences and commercial buildings) applications - plenum, riser indoor/outdoor, and deployments of standard as well as high-speed broadband data wires and cables.

    GR-3164 combines with GR-421 and GR-3163 to form a family of GR documents that cover all metallic twisted-pair wire and cable products used in modern broadband telecommunications networks.


    • Contains information on the latest insulation, jacket, and screen material technologies
    • Expands allowed jacket materials and introduces generic foil screen functional performance requirements
    • Harmonizes with GR-421 and GR-3163, as well as other relevant industry specifications
    • Consolidates three older documents - TR-NWT-000131, TR-NWT-000133, and TR-NWT-000134 - into one GR document
    This document replaces TR-NWT-000131, TR-NWT-000132, TR-NWT-000133, and TR-NWT-000134.

    When using GR-3163, you may want to refer to GR-421, and GR-209, as well as various industry standards.

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