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Generic Requirements for Network Elements Used in Wireless Networks Physical Layer Criteria

Document Number GR-3171
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Dec 2014

    This Generic Requirements (GR) document provides the GR-3171 Telcordia Technical Forum (TTF) view of physical layer generic requirements for equipment used in wireless networks. It represents the expressed needs and interests of the participating companies of the GR-3171 TTF members, and may meet the needs of other Communications Service Providers (CSPs), equipment manufacturers, and integrators.

    GR-3171, Generic Requirements for Network Elements Used in Wireless Networks Physical Layer Criteria, is the most comprehensive standards document in the industry on wireless networks. It covers all wireless networks, including Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Long Term Evolution (LTE), Fourth Generation Wireless Service (4G), Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), side-mounted antennas, and similar mobile broadband services. It also provides tutorial material to help users better understand the operation of wireless networks, including backhaul networks.

    GR-3171 was developed with the help of wireless and wireline service providers, and suppliers of wireless network elements. The document discusses both wireless carriers and the carriers providing support for the backhaul network, as well as the mobile switching center.

    Wireless carriers and applications require fast product development and deployment and have a much more reduced life cycle than traditional wireline networks. The requirements in this GR will likely speed up product testing and analysis time significantly while also providing projected risk factors. This GR allows carriers to determine risk versus speed-to-market and reduced test time for wireless network elements.

    This GR will also help suppliers and independent testing laboratories conduct test analysis programs that would meet the needs of both wireless and backhaul service providers. It covers wireless products from a physical layer perspective, and reviews installation, quality, safety, mechanical, and environmental requirements for the products.

    New in Issue 2:

    GR-3171 provides the baseline and controlling generic requirements for the physical layer elements used in wireless networks. Issue 2 provides references to four new requirements documents pertaining to indoor electronic equipment cabinets; indoor and outdoor battery backup cabinets; wireless transceiver facilities; and the interaction between related documents.

    The new GR documents are:

    • GR-3031, Generic Requirements for Indoor Electronic Equipment Cabinets.
    • GR-3032, Interactions Between Generic Requirements Documents GR-3108, GR-487, and GR-950.
    • GR-3033, Generic Requirements for Indoor and Outdoor Battery Backup Cabinets.
    • GR-3178, Generic Requirements for Wireless Transceiver Facilities (Active Antennas, Distributed Antenna Systems [DAS], Free-Space Optics [FSOs], Remote Radio Heads [RRHs], and Small Cells).

    This Issue 2 of GR-3171 also includes a new section and requirement on power systems, and new attachment hardware requirements pertaining to pole/tower-mounted installations.

    When using GR-3171, you may want to refer to GR-3178, GR-3108, GR-3031, GR-3032, GR-3033, GR-950, GR-63, and GR-487.

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